Monday, September 15, 2008

Chicken Licken and Carbon Tariffs

Business doesn't like the idea of carbon tariffs. So, what else is new? That didn't stop the National Spot from heralding the warning of falling skies received by the OECD from... why, from 36 business associations.

The Stain gleefully points out, in the first sentence, that carbon tariffs are favoured by the Libs in their Green Shift plan.

Apparently citing no particular evidence for the claim, Big Biz nevertheless warns that imposition of carbon tariffs aimed at punishing (make that "reforming") big emitters like China could lead to trade wars. Not quite the same sort of wars predicted by the Pentagon and British Ministry of Defence should global warming not be stopped but at least some sort of war, almost, - war by the seller against the buyer. Think that one through for a minute.

Now in the Fantasyland of globalization, the new home of Big Biz and the National Spot, the distinction between land of the buyer and land of the seller is heavily blurred. Vast confusion and boundless uncertainty. In the real world we know this is so much bunkum.

Carbon tariffs might just create jobs back at home again, levelling the playing field for domestic industries. Who knows, they might just compel countries like China, with their gigantic sovereign wealth funds, to invest a portion of their windfall on cleaning up their own industries.

Naturally, neither the one-dimensional business associations nor the equally one-dimensional National Stain championed any other means to achieve the same objective targeted by carbon tariffs. What they want is no action at all. Nothing that might impede the free flow of profit regardless of lasting environmental impact.

Dion is essentially right on the Green Shift and carbon pricing/carbon tariffs. It's too bad he's done such a lacklustre job of explaining and selling the policy that he's left it vulnerable to agitprop from second-rate outfits like the National Spot.


Anonymous said...

..carbon tariffs 'might' create jobs back home...the green shift 'might' work. Bizarre way to win an election. We 'may' or 'may not' make this work. We're not sure about how this will effect the economy or your jobs, but, hey, lets give'er a go! I have no problem with a tax on polluters or a tax on carbon based's a thought from a very simple minded man..wouldnt it be a better idea to have alternative fuels, alternative sources of power, alternative heating means BEFORE implimenting a tax on the energy sources we reley on and to work and to survive? And maybe...just maybe...take a couple of years to think through this tax and its effects...dont put it together on the back of napkin over a few drinks at Hy's just because you feel you have a divine right to govern? I've been a junior hockey coach for a long always amazes me how sometimes when you put a "C" on a good players jersey they shrink. Mr Dion is very good man, and, his service and sense of duty to this country is second to none, but, not only is he shrinking...he's taking the LPC with him, and, to me...thats not a good thing for this country.

The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks for the points bill.