Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain Tries to Duck Friday Debates

You can't blame John McCain for wanting to put as much distance as possible between his campaign and the credit meltdown now underway. He damned near went apoplectic today when The New York Times revealed this his key campaign aide, Rick Davis, was getting money from Freddie Mac almost right up to the day it got taken over by the Feds.

The economic crisis appears to have broken the stubborn deadlock between Obama and McCain. Latest results have Obama up 9% and climbing while Captain Sound Fundamentals heads for the tank.

So McCain has announced he wants to postpone the debates scheduled for Friday evening. Sure he does. McCain claims America badly needs him in Washington to sort out this mess. Sure it does. Must "man the post" and all of that. Not that a guy who's shown such a weak grasp of "fundamentals" could make any difference anyway.

It's pretty obvious that, where his political survival is at stake, McCain is as good with the old "cut and run" as they come. Oh I so hope Obama doesn't let the Old Geezer off the hook.

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