Monday, September 29, 2008

Time For Straight Talk, Steve!

Steve Martin, sorry, he's that other comedian, - Steve Harper has been running an empty campaign. No issues, no platform. Vote for me because I'm better than the others. Don't worry about what I'll do with your vote, that'll be none of your concern after the election.

Harper has told us that there's a Bad Moon Risin' south of the border and therefore we should put our trust in him to do - well he doesn't want to say what he's got in mind.

That's just not good enough now that America's boiling pot of red ink and bad paper is threatening to spill over. C'mon Steve, what gives? Just what do you see coming? What is it likely going to mean for Canada and Canadians? What can we do about it? What are our options? What do you plan to do about it if you get another minority? What do you have in mind if you get a majority?

Steve, if you don't seek a mandate by giving us a clear platform, a plan of action to deal with what's coming, don't claim afterward that you've got a mandate. That'd be a goddamned lie and that's a serious sin for a pious man like yourself, Steve.

Listen Steve, what's that sound? It's something flying off the blades of the fan down America way. We'll need a lot more than sweater vests to get through this winter, Steve.

Time for some straight talk, Steve Harper. You called this scam election. You owe us that.

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Beijing York said...

What exactly is Harper going to talk about during the debates. The rising crime rate and the need for tougher crime laws? Too bad the crime rate is dropping. Is he going to boast about his cheap tax credits for sending your kids to little league or a crafts camp? What the hell is a 2 cent cut on diesel fuel going to accomplish? Is he going to divert the troops he promised to pull out of Afghanistan to a US inspired and failed war like Iraq, or possibly Iran?

And how much richer do you feel today than say three years ago, thanks to those GST cuts? Those cuts were eaten up by inflation.