Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A Country Can't Be Held Together by Giving In to Threats and Blackmail.

Six premiers. The usual suspects - Kenney, Moe, Pallister and Ford with New Brunswick's Higgs and the NYT's McLeod in tow. They mustered up their collective courage to put their names to an extortion note to Justin Trudeau. Either ditch Bills C-48 and C-69 or risk the fracture of our delicate national unity. Anyway you cut it that's a threat by six lowlife premiers. Six of the bastards.
Six premiers asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday to change or bury two pieces of federal legislation that critics of both bills say could hurt Canada’s energy and natural resources sectors.

The two bills are C-69, legislation that would change the way regulatory authorities evaluate and assess proposed new major resources projects, and C-48, the Oil Tanker Moratorium Act, which, if passed, would turn into law into what has been practised for years: the prohibition of any oil tankers off of Canada’s northern B.C. coast.
When I look east is see thugs lining up all the way to the border of Quebec, a 3,800 km. gauntlet. It reminds me of a BBC Earth documentary I watched today looking at Canada's Continental Divide. I looked at those great mountain ranges that divide British Columbia from the rest of Canada and it felt like I was looking at a magnificent fortress wall.

What they're doing makes a farce of Canada as a nation. Quebec and British Columbia don't make a nation. But every province in between wants to grind British Columbia under their heel.

If they want to break up Canada isn't it time to call their bluff? What is a country if it is held together by coercion? If they get their way, what'll it be next time? You can be certain that, if Trudeau gives in, they'll be back for something even more outrageous next time.

For now, perhaps for a very long time, I will see those provinces, especially Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario for what they are, what they have chosen to be - the enemies of my British Columbia. 


Jay Farquharson said...

PressProgress has an article up on the ties between Kenny’s Rebel Coverage and WarRoom, US Tech Billionaire funding and Nazi’s.


Carol Orr, ( RVA Wonk), The National Observer and Yellow Vests Canada Exposed cover the links between the Nazi cesspool, and global death threats against Indiginous and Enviromental Activists.

Push comes to shove, close the passes. Leave them in the loving embrace of Insane Clown POSus’s ‘Merikka.

Jay Farquharson said...

Sorry Mound, wrong link:


Toby said...

In healthier times none of those could get elected. Even today they probably wouldn't without the foreign money. The billionaires are winning.

the salamander said...

.. here's a truly speculative ceiling view (fly on the ceiling) looking down at the Secret Six.. My starting premise is this. Did Stephen Harper at some point realize the only way he would attain power.. was to rebrand and wrap himself in an existing & functioning 'political brand' - The Progressive Conservative Party Of Canada -.so he set upon a hostile takeover of said Brand. He coerced Peter McKay to steal and sell out the ages old Party & leadership from under a guy named David Orchard. The two parties then merged. Thus Canada itself was vulnerable to a hostile & personal ideological political takeover.. the self acclaimed 'smartest guy in the room'

Jump forward. Canada finds itself 'led' by six Provincial premiers, essentially embedded with the same so called 'conservative values' as the political entity or monstrosity fabricated by Stephen Harper. There remains that old electoral bugaboo of 'vote the party' during elections.. and that vestigial belief, fantasy, fallacy or prophesy (take your pick) still guarantees a certain portion of 'the vote'..In fairness, The Liberals and even the NDP still automatically will get a useful portion of the collective votes that are cast for riding candidates.

Add failure or larceny.. ie such as Kathleen Wynne or Christy Clark.. or the price of benchmark Brent or Texas oil freefalling.. and Canadians find provincial governments falling.. backlash against Ontario's Liberals opens yawning doorway for failed Toronto councilman Doug Ford who gained fame only via his crack smoking brother Rob. Jason Keney emulates Harper & merges, pretending to be 'Conservative'. BC Clark's party never really were Liberals.. they were actually faux conservatives.. and the political and electoral thuggery games continue.

End result though (and my point) Ontario electes the 'conservatives' and gets Doug Ford's personal agenda. That is exactly what we got for ejecting Wynne who followed McGuinty (who simply disappeared down a hole and pulled the lid over it) Its a farce..

So what do we expect (via fly on the ceiling) but six political fathead animals of mixed personal ideology, convening and horse trading ideas and pet horseshit personal ideologies? And that in the context of selling out for power and money.. to big corps, religion, main media while borrowing ideas, dirty tricks, scumbuggery and fluckery from the GOP in the USA ? And from a corrupt commercial real estate developer & narcissist ?

Set those six premiers firmly in the context of their political and personal backgrounds.. not who they pretend to be.. but who they really are. Stir in the appropriate measure of an Andrew Scheer at the federal level.. and you have Seven.. exactly none of which have or will ever have the right stuff to be seen as 'exemplars' .. they're simply political parasites and cling-ons sucking on the taxpayer teat. That's what the fly on the ceiling sees and hears when these creeps get together for a photo op.. or group prayer session.. conniving sellout thugs, enchanted with themselves.. posturing & preening & sloganeering.. 'For the people' - 'alberta advantage' .. the fly feels like puking on them

Anonymous said...

With the possible exception of McLeod, all these premiers are Cons of one sort or another. And as David Climenhaga points out, the Cons have been a wholly-owned subsidiary of the GOP since the Harper era. They use the same divisive and dishonest tactics and are more interested in getting each other elected than in the national interest. The Con refrains of "Kill the Carbon Tax" and "Build the Pipeline" are just local adaptations of "Kill Obamacare" and "Build the Wall."

That Cons get elected on this crap says more about the power of social media and our rotten FPTP electoral system than it does about national feelings toward BC.


Anonymous said...

Six tiny provincial local-grade Conservative minds. Post Media reading reprobates. You could stun any one of them with a poleaxe and after they woke up, the same tired nonsense would issue forth, pre-programmed automatons that they are. Not a developed social braincell in any of them, merely the dull bought-off blank memories of Conservative minds. Higgins of NB is just an Irving Oil mouthpiece - his last job was as a manager with them, and they are legendarily reactionary. To keep Irving Forestry monoculture softwood stands growing, NB is Round-Up Central as well.

It's now stunningly obvious that we are experiencing an attack of the zombies, getting together to force their blinkered right wing suicidal views on the country, and if anyone but the previously hypnotized prairie citizenry doesn't recognize that come federal election time, this country is done. Toasted. I expect the worst, frankly. This morning some woman Alberta dope on CBC Radio's the Current was going on about "don't expect us in Alberta to share our wealth with the rest of the country if pipelines are cancelled". Apparently the environmental fiasco hasn't penetrated tbis dullard's mind. No, let's all die early instead.

The trouble for progressive BC citizens with a eye to the future is that as other bloggers and news items note, the Lower Mainland elite, and associated hangers-on like real estate people, are thoroughly corrupt. Cut off Asian and drug money laundering and they will look elsewhere for loot, ripe for petro-picking or anyone else promising to keep them in the manner they have come to expect. Horgan and the Greens seem to already think LNG is great - why didn't Weaver block that crap and its antecedent fracking by refusing to prop up the NDP minority on other matters? How free and progressive would an independent BC be? Therein lies the rub. Any number of mortal scenarios can be easily envisaged, including US annexation.

Meanwhile, neotropical songbirds are turning up in NS, but not brought by storms. Lobsters are crawling North. Invasive green crabs and jellies are taking over our shores. Much as I hate to say it, the world is farked already. And the Conservatives favour decimation of nature, applauding it all, so far as can be observed led by Albertan dopes. They drag us all to an early doom, spouting inanities and untruths all the way.


Anonymous said...

It's the NWT's McLeod. My premier. Must figure out how to get rid of him. Very active chapter of Council of Canadians in Yellowknife. I[m sure they are already working on it.

Northern PoV said...

These CONs pose for a front-page picture looking like mafiosa thugs, sue the feds and write nasty, hysterical letters ...

In true Orwellian fashion, today, Don Braid (Calgary Herald/NP), called out Trudeau for dividing the country.

Anonymous said...

I mention this a long time ago that Harper was behind what was about to happen and now is in vogue.