Wednesday, June 12, 2019

UK Back on Track for "No Deal" Brexit

The motion was supposed to prevent a "no deal" Brexit. 298 MPs voted for it, 11 short of the 309 who voted to defeat it. The door is now wide open for a no deal Brexit this October. That's music to the ears of bad boy/buffoon and frontrunner to become the next Brit prime minister, Boris Johnson.  In the spirit of his American Idol, Donald Trump, Johnson has upped the ante, vowing that the UK will never pay the amount if has agreed it owed to the EU on leaving.

Of course there's a leadership contest and a long time before October rolls around. Given the dark farce on Brexit that has played out in Westminster in recent months, no one can know for sure what the future holds.

I can't remember the last time the Brits had a great prime minister. Some might say the Iron Lady, Thatcher, but she left a great deal of damage in her wake. I think you would have to go back well before Maggie.

Then again, when did Canada last have a great prime minister?


Anonymous said...

Quite why there apparently isn't to be a general election in the UK this summer is beyond me. If one has to go back decades to find a decent PM, at least then it was de rigeur for failed government ministers to promptly resign, or for lame minority governments suffering multiple House of Commons defeats and a leadership change to call an election. Not these days, the liars brazen it out.

However, the establishment is scared Labour might win, so there's no honour in Tory Land. Bugger the citizens, we'll go it alone say the Boris types, secure in the knowledge it's no skin of their privileged arses. They won't be going short of a fine sherry or a belt of Highland Park (in fact, I think I'll have one myself) or a chauffeur. Who cares if industry is yelling blue murder about the damn politicians and the uncertainty? Not your Borises. It's all about personal glory. What the EU will do with the UK refusing to pay its bills is another matter, but I'd be stockpiling food myself, especially frozen Brussel sprouts in hundredweight sacks.

Hard Brexit, dumb public schoolboy twats in charge, screwed populace, highly pissed off neighbouring countries - about sums it up. How to win friends and influence people! Maybe Trump will make England the 51st state, because Scotland is gone for sure and Ireland isn't going to tap dance with hoary old Ulster reactionaries about the border situation in Northern Ireland.

Companies will fly away from the UK as they did from Montreal when Levesque got into power and set about Bill 101. Prices will go through the roof and there'll be a giant recession. So Blighty is fucked. Like we are with a Senate delaying bills and six dumb provincial premiers holding our country to ransom over a carbon tax.

When psychopaths run things, nobody else matters except them.


The Mound of Sound said...

It's chaos, BM. BBC reports that the new PM will be chosen by some 130,000 party members who are considerably to the right of even the Conservative voting public. That, it's claimed, virtually ensures they'll choose a hard Brexit figure to lead Britain out of the EU. Will it fracture the Tories? Perhaps but, at this point, no one can tell. Some of the candidates figure they'll force the EU to capitulate to 'better terms.' I don't know if Brussels has any patience left.