Monday, December 03, 2012

World Outrage at Israel's Destruction of Palestinian Homeland. Harper, Naturally, Mute.

Two Rotten Peas in a Pod

Even the United States is condemning Israeli perfidy in retaliating against the Palestinians by stealing more of their land, enough to sever the West Bank and end Palestinian hopes for their homeland, and now seizing $120-million of Palestinian funds.

The Americans, the Brits, the French, the Germans, pretty much you name it, have been quick to protest the Israeli outrages.  Britain may recall its ambassador over this.   Others may follow suit.  Israel is both a rogue and an apartheid state that flouts international law at will on the strength of nothing more than religious fairy tales.

The Brits weren't pulling any punches.   A Foreign Office statement denounced Israel's aggression.

"We deplore the recent Israeli government decision to build 3,000 new housing units and unfreeze development in the E1 block. This threatens the viability of the two state solution."

Apparently, however, in Harperland, those things are just fine.  Harper understands retaliation.  It fits perfectly with his punishment fetish.  From Ottawa, no reaction whatsoever to Netanyahu's plans to steal more Palestinian lands and carve up the Palestinian homeland in two.   No angry words about Israel simply seizing Palestinian funds.

Of course Harper runs the risk of showing himself to have been duped by Netanyahu.  Did Ottawa not seek some reassurances from the Israelis about how it would react to the inevitable vote?  Sort of don't ask/don't tell.   Did we simply give our support to Netanyahu carte blanche? Were we misled by our supposed ally, duped?  Or, worst of all, did we vote knowing that the Israelis were going to stomp the chances of statehood out of the Palestinians for all time?

Did Steve get a big Rapture boner out of this?  Did he show it to Baird?  It's curious that Baird got all hissy over the U.N. recognition vote, claiming it would undermine chances for a comprehensive, lasting and just settlement for both sides.  Actually he seems just fine with that outcome, so long as it's coming from Israel.


CuJoYYC said...

"Did Steve get a big Rapture boner out of this?"

You bet he did! All those So-Con end-times types may hate Jews (see the snuff film "The Passion of the Christ" for evidence) but love the state of Israel because the Rapture cannot occur unless there is a Jewish homeland.

Owen Gray said...

Canada's UN vote exposed the Harper government for what it is -- a proponent of Might is Right and Injustice personified.

LeDaro said...

This is shameful for Canada. Harper has defamed us internationally on environment issues and now this. Maybe Harper should be neutered.

Lorne said...

Supporting any country that practices collective punishment, as Israel doe against the Palestinians, is
morally bankrupt.