Monday, January 06, 2014

Harper Gets B.C. Bum's Rush

As the Prince of Darkness was about to begin a question and answer session with the Vancouver Board of Trade, two climate activists with protest signs  managed to briefly get behind the prime minister.

The second activist, a female, held up a sign saying "The Conservatives take climate change seriously." The sentence was crossed out.

The pair were protesting Harper's climate change policies.

A press release from Brigette DePape, an anti-Harper protester, was issued immediately following the security breach.

"This morning two people directly intervened in a high security question and answer session with Prime Minister Stephen Harper," the release said.

Harper's muscle quickly swept up the protesters who remain in Vancouver Police custody.  Beelzebub has refused to take questions from the media.


Lorne said...

These kinds of protests always give me hope, Mound. Hope it sends a message to Harper that dissent is no going to disappear, despite his best efforts.

The Mound of Sound said...

I can't imagine Harper feels secure in B.C. at the best of times. For an intruder to get to his back must have given him the tremors.

Anonymous said...

Harper is a dictator and he controls absolutely everything. Harper stonewalls and blocks every investigation against him. Harper's robo-call fraud for one. The torture of the Detainee's investigation is another.

Harper actually thought we would believe his stacked panel regarding, the Enbridge pipeline.

Harper signed a deal with, Communist China Army. That is what it will take, for Harper to force the Enbridge into BC.

Make no mistake, Harper is very evil. Harper is every bit as hateful as, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini. All dictators have similar personality defects.

Owen Gray said...

It's encouraging to see Harper's photo-ops boomerang, Mound. Try as he might to control his image, there's always something wrong with his pictures

bcwaterboy said...

His smug remark about BC was telling, that he expected some unrest and protest, goes with the territory so to speak. We now know this POS now speaks on behalf of First Nations, with their best interests at heart, who knew. I like what Depape's group is doing, little by little they expose cracks in the armour and that harper is far from controlling every move made by the public.