Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rule No. 1 - Never Call a Crazy Person with Nukes Crazy

The head of America's Pacific military forces, Admiral Sam Locklear, maybe didn't have world peace foremost on his mind today when, at a Pentagon press conference, he expressed doubts over the sanity of North Korea's Kim Jong-Un.

Kim's "behavior" -- or at least what has been reported out of the notoriously isolated country -- "would make me wonder whether … he is always in the rational decision-making mode, and this is a problem," said Admiral Locklear.

Now, the good news.  North Korea is still believed to lack missiles capable of reaching mainland North America.  Whew!


Mark said...

On the other hand, the Admiral's statement is definitely an understatement; perhaps at attempt at being tactful?

Kim III has already proven that he's even nuttier than his questionably-sane father.

The Mound of Sound said...

It's not that I question the Admiral's assessment, Mark. I just wonder whether something that might needlessly provoke Kim is a great idea.

Purple library guy said...

For that matter, the sanity record of leading American generals with fingers on buttons is nothing to write home about, unless what you're writing is "So, you know how you said that alien asked if you wanted to be abducted? Take the offer!"