Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tired of the Polar Vortex? Why Not Warm Up in Seward, Alaska?

The mercury hit 61F in Seward, Alaska on Monday.  That's Alaska, as in way, way up north, in January.  Meanwhile traffic has ground to a halt as 2 inches of snow blanket (really, "blanket"?) Atlanta, Georgia.  The Florida panhandle is looking at serious sub-freezing temperatures. 

Now, check this out.   This is the two-week outlook.

It's going to be toasty again in Florida and in the U.S. southwest and in - OMG! - northern Alaska.  Okay, one of these does not belong with the others.  Any guesses?  Oh my, what can the matter be?


LeDaro said...

I saw that on NBC news last night. It is amazing. All the melting ice sending cold air, snow, freezing rain to the south.

Maybe Sarah Palin's mouth releases too much hot air.:)

The Mound of Sound said...

It's the Polar Jet, LD, and we're all along for the ride. The good news is that global warming is a hoax!

Purple library guy said...

My god! There's no weather at all in Canada!

The Mound of Sound said...

No, PLG, not at all. There is weather in Canada, lots of it. We just don't get so screwed up over it as our American cousins.

LeDaro said...

We do have weather in Maritimes. December was the coldest month in my memory. In January we had up to 10c above 0 few times.

Early January I was concerned about the amount of snow on my roof. I saw my neighbour clearing his roof. However, next day all that snow was gone and I could see the shingles. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you fact check before reporting something as a fact. Listings of records from the weather channel-