Sunday, January 12, 2014

Oklahoma Law'n Order - Harper Style

Two activists go to the headquarters of Oklahoma Tar Sander, Devon Oil, unfurl a couple of protest banners and are promptly nailed by the cops and charged with 'terrorism hoax' which carries a 10-year sentence.  Because nothing screams 'terrorism' more than red banners with gold glitter.

Oklahoma city police captain, Dexter Nelson, is doing his level best to inflate the incident, claiming that the small amount of glitter shed by the signs as they unfurled sent those below into a panic with memories of the 1995 Oklahoma city bombing by Terry McVeigh.  The top cop spiced it up a bit more by maintaining that one or both of the accused had faeces smeared on their clothing and even looked like, gasp, homeless people.  Let's face it, nothing screams 'mass-murdering terrorist' more than the sight of the homeless.

This must be music to Harper's ears.


crf said...

The story says those terrorism-hoax charges have not been approved by the Oklahoma city district attorney.

There's lots of articles on the web, but I can't find one that says they are actually charged with that offense.

jack smith said...

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