Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Peter Kent Sings Harper's Praises in Doha

Peter Kent never lets reality get in the way of his message, especially when he's singing the praises of his boss Harper.

Kent, showing the nerve of a canal donkey, showed up at the UN climate summit in Doha to tout his government's record on wrestling with Canada's carbon emissions.   According to Kent, we're just hunky-dory. 

Figures released by his department in August estimated that Canada's annual heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions would be about 20 per cent above the target pledged by Prime Minister Stephen Harper under the 2009 Copenhagen agreement.

But Kent told delegates at the United Nations summit that Canada was halfway toward closing the gap and meeting its goal.

Kent also took credit for Obama's actions to cut automotive emissions through tougher standards.

Canada routinely boasts non-existent achievements at these summits and Kent's song and dance comes just days after Canada was found the worst nation in the developed world on greenhouse gas emissions.

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