Monday, July 31, 2017

About Assange. More Than Meets the Eye?

Julian Assange has fierce defenders on the Left. The WikiLeaks founder also has his fiercest critics on the Left. The first group insists Assange is on the up and up, the real deal. The second group suspects Assange has changed, he's bent, gone over to the other side.

"We already knew that Assange coordinated with Roger Stone and hates Hillary, but this is a whole other can of worms: Now WikiLeaks is trying to protect Trump from the man investigating him by attempting to discredit Mueller as some sort of deep-state criminal who sold nuclear weapons to the Russians.
"So, without further ado, here’s the lie of the day:
"Oh my god, what a startling revelation!
"… Oh, wait, what’s that?
"Ah, right, it’s total bullshit.
"It sure takes cojones to post the entire text of a document on your website, then lie openly about its contents. Or maybe it’s just stupidity and sloppiness. Or maybe it’s just the knowledge that a huge chunk of the American people will accept anything pro-Trump without question.
"Some background, since our alt-right friends don’t care to provide it: In 2006, the U.S. government cooperated with the government of Georgia to apprehend a Russian fellow who was trying to sell highly enriched, weapons-grade uranium (which he was keeping IN A PLASTIC BAG IN HIS JACKET POCKET — literally the most Russian thing I’ve ever heard anyone do).
"Afterward, the Georgian government authorized the United States government to share some of the material acquired in the sting operation with the Russians, who requested a sample for analysis. The three countries’ law enforcement cooperated together in the matter, with then-FBI director Robert Mueller ultimately delivering the sample to Moscow, as noted.  
"If you read right-wing media today — and I won’t give any of them the benefit of a link — you’ll see this story disseminated far and wide, with Mueller’s actions being implicitly (or explicitly) tied to Hillary Clinton by the right-wing “journalists” writing these stories. (Hey, remember that time Hillary sold a fifth of our uranium to Ukraine? Oh, wait, that’s another total lie.) When you see our brainwashed fellow citizens inevitably pushing this story now that their minds have been infected with it, show them how blatantly and willingly WikiLeaks and the right-wing media lie to them. Ask them how that makes them feel."


Purple library guy said...

When you say "on the left" just exactly what do you mean? I would say that Assange does indeed have some of his fiercest defenders on the left. And he has his fiercest critics among United States Democrats. Is it your intention to define United States Democrats as "the left" or a component thereof?

The Mound of Sound said...

I said nothing of Democrats, PLG. Not sure where you got that.

crf said...

It's possible that Assange, personally, didn't tweet that, and just someone in his organisation (of useful idiots) did. People of certain political predilections would love to work for him though: anti-Clinton, anti-US-government, anti-mainstream, always underdog-rooting, conspiracy minded.

I don't want to excuse the tweet. It does show that wikileaks has serious problems vetting its communications, which has been pointed out by others, many times previously.