Thursday, July 20, 2017

America's Victim in Chief

Donald Trump knows a thing or two. He knows that he's America's greatest ever reality TV star. He knows he's America's victim in chief.

The victimization of the martyr president was front and center yesterday with the man-baby presidente strutted his stuff before the editors of The New York Times. Not sure why he chose to make his appearance on the epicenter of the fake news circuit. But, I digress.

It turns out that America would be a terrific, awesome place today but for the people who have failed Trump and the malevolent Democrats who obstruct his every move. Never afraid to name names, Trump tore into his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, as a milquetoast. Sessions did the unforgivable. He recused himself from the Russia investigation. Hardly better was Session's deputy, Rod Rosenstein, who appointed former FBI director, Robert Mueller, as special counsel to conduct the investigation, despite all of Mueller's obvious conflicts of interest. Then there was that rat, former FBI director and leakfiend, James Comey.

Then there was the Democrats who failed to support a healthcare plan that would throw anywhere from 22 to 35 million Americans off the health insurance rolls. How dare they? And, of course, Hillary and Obama are constantly plotting to bring down the almost duly elected president.

The self-proclaimed martyrdom of Donald Trump is one thing but aren't martyrs supposed to meet with some glorious end?


Dana said...

“My dick’s bigger than your dick / It ain’t braggin’ if it’s true / My dick’s bigger than your dick / I can prove it too / There it is! There’s my dick / Isn’t that a wonderful sight? / Run to the village, to town, to the countryside / Tell the people what you’ve seen here tonight.”

One verse of Randy Newman's unreleased song about Trump.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yeah, sure Dana. Blame it on Randy Newman.

rumleyfips said...

It used to be ' blame it on the black guy', now you say its blame it on the short guy?

Dana said...

Blame it on Randy Newman? I blame the Bossa Nova. If it wasn't for Eydie Gorme we wouldn't be in this mess.

the salamander said...

.. the Donald Clump show staggers ever onward.. Its hard to imagine what new evidence may surface that could ridicule he and his family further.. or his aiders & abettors the GOP. The US of A could have elected a divorced disgraced Khardasion ex husband or OJ Simpson or a toxic venomous orange toadling or parasitic lamprey eel it seems & barely blinked.. government as usual

We certainly live in strange times mr Mound.. Democracy shows a heartbeat in Beautiful BC however.. and as a coastal border province that's refreshing.. tho tenuous. Fox News is now the CP party's official organ per Ms Rempel, Peter Kent, and Lord Scheer. We really don't know what's happening in Jason Kenney's Alberttawa superpower province.. to the east its confused all the way to PEI but we may get an ex astronaut as GG. Why I read a tweet this AM that she 'casually' killed a jaywalker in Maryland but our PM secretly arranged the record of that expunged.. fer cryin out loud..

I take tablespoons of salt with the fake news these days.. Yes we have extremely partisan talk radio here in the flatlands & once upon a time we had a mayor named Ford hooked on crack. Presumably Quebec has sworn of having corruption, salted crumbling cement infrastructure and a MLB baseball team.. The Atlantic salmon of course migrated to mesh cages near wild salmon spawning grounds, in your terroir, but its Norwegians (who know oil prices & royalties) who own the damn farmed salmonids.. and seemingly several Ministries of our fed government.. like fisheries, agriculture, environment, resources etc.. and mebbe even religious freedom, freedom of speech and let me not forget FOI - Freedom of Information releases as per our laws.

Laws of course.. are like boreal caribou & our boreal wolves.. if you can kill the habitat, the f'ers will just disappear.. leave town, so to speak.. and open up the world of fracking and tar sands in readiness for the Rapture, Jason Kenney and the Gavin Mcinnes prouts & Exxons of the world. I prefer a simpler life.. don't need a lot. I still have a Louisville slugger from my youth - A lovely Browning 243 cal varmit rifle & and a propensity too sleep very very lightly in the woods, forests or canoes when threatened.. I truly feel for BC & Albertans invaded by carpetbaggers, economists, evangelicals & political animals.. and I've seen why there aint no cod left in the lovely Maritimes.. they let them drag & destroy the bottom..

I don't have 'the answer'.. Mound.. but I have lots of questions.. a ton of farm boy curiosity.. and I can be a very hard man when I sense evasion, threat, biblical or partisan political nonsense.. and i see that escalating daily..

the salamander said...
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The Mound of Sound said...

Trump is known for demanding loyalty. It seems he sought it from Preet Bharara and wound up firing him. He wanted it from James Comey and ended by firing him. Sessions has been Trump's toady but has been humiliated, heaped with scorn. So too the deputy A.G. only he's not a Trump appointee. Now he's going after Mueller.

The contrast couldn't be more glaring. Trump stands by his family no matter how they blunder. The rest he'll turn on whenever he needs to deflect blame or distract attention. There is no loyalty from Donald Trump nor a shred of decency.

I suspect that Trump is setting himself up for some grand betrayal by those he so freely abuses and whose careers he places in jeopardy to advance his own ends. His shallow, narcissistic stupidity is akin to a punch drunk boxer leading with his chin.

the salamander said...

.. delete me 1 x or 2 x at your pleasure Mound..

The Mound of Sound said...

As you wish, Sal. Fret not. It's insignificant in contrast to your insightful contributions for which I do thank you.

Anonymous said...

Glorious end? I can hardly wait.