Friday, July 28, 2017

Nothing Ever Happens on Friday

See what can happen when you spend a few hours picking plums? Consigliere Reince Priebus fired by Donaldo "The Bloat" Trumpini. His capo, Tony "Tourettes" Scarmucci gets the pink slip from his wife, Diedre Ball, who can no longer stomach Trump's chimp. Homeland Security director, Gen. John Kelly steps up as new chief of staff. Jeff Sessions adds a second layer of sandbags to his office at DoJ. A promotion (sort of), a firing and and a divorce. Sounds like a perfect way to wrap up a week of chaos and failure at Trump Casa Blanca.

It makes an abattoir seem like a rest home compared to Trump's White House.

Think the right isn't falling apart?


UU4077 said...

What a bloody soap opera

UU4077 said...
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Bill said...

Mound... I have to give you an 11 out of 10 for your succinct overview of today's Trump chaos. Too funny but in reality tragic for us all that things are so disfunctional.

Here in BC, ex Premier Clark exits politics... in a tweet. Kind of a cowardly and disrespectful bail and very much in the mode of Trump.

Jay Farquharson said...


"Too funny but in reality tragic for us all that things are so disfunctional."

It's actually, a saving miracle that the alt-Reich House and the DC Deplorables are completely dysfunctional.

Despite all the damage they have done to others, ( LBGTQ, Muslims, ICE, Civil Forfeiture, BLM),

It's just a tiny microcosm of the damage they want to do, and could do if they were even the tiniest bit competent .

Jay Farquharson said...

They had 7 years to craft an Obamacare replacement,

Bupkis, because yelling about Obamacare was in midterms, was cynically seen, ( and was) more profitable than either fixing it, or crafting a replacement,

So, after 7 months, 13 Rethugs, tried to craft a replacement,

Over lunch.

Next up, Tax Cuts, ( not possible with out repeal),

And the Default in October.

Unknown said...

As Canadians we had a front row seat to the race riots in Detroit in the 60's. Gordon Lightfoot wrote a song about it "Black Day in July." We now have a front row seat to Trumps Presidency, including Washington itself. I wonder what Lightfoot would have to say in a song about this circus.

Probably in watching this spectacle, words would fail him.