Monday, July 31, 2017

Scaramucci Sets Record. 10 Days and Out.

John Oliver, you lucky bastard.  You take a month off and then come back last night to deliver the following take on Tony Scaramucci.

Talk about comedic timing. Tony "the Mooch" has set what must be a White House record. 11 days and gone. Word has it that Trump's latest chief of staff, retired Marine general John Kelly, gave Scaramucci the old heave-ho, sort of like what his wife dished up when she announced last week she was divorcing the weirdo.

Trump was deeply upset to see Scaramucci go. Trump? Nah, of course he wasn't. Instead, the Great Orange Bloat tweeted that it was "a great day at the White House." No reaction yet from Trump strategist, Steve Bannon. Then again, now that we know how Bannon spends his time his silence shouldn't come as a surprise.

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