Saturday, July 08, 2017

This Should Make Your Day

The leader of the free world, Angela Merkel, reacts to a bit of mansplaining from Vlad Putin.  Madam Chancellor seemed underwhelmed when Putin corrected her understanding of missile trajectories.

More hilarity from the G20 x


Anonymous said...

The Daily Express, British rag with super-duper pro Trump and May outlook paid for by some back room Bilderberg billionaire or another, begs leave to say: "Angela Merkel's dreadful attempt at networking with Donald Trump blows up as he scolds EU".

Apparently, the Express and other completely bought-and-paid-for UK newspapers, whose cunning plan to demonize Corbyn during the recent election worked so very well, think those damn dupes called Continentals, who could turn Commie on a sixpence anyway due to their diminished brainpower compared to Jack Tar, untrustworthy bloody foreigners after all, believe the EU was more than deserving of the bollocking Trump gave them.

And Trump gave the simpering May a US/UK trade deal on the spot immediately afterwards.

Huh. Well, that's all right then. The Anglo world showed those foreigners! By God!

Well, maybe, hopefully not all of it. Our precious Justin, who flitted around being entirely inconsequential at the G20, trying to take leadership on the environment when he already has two diametrically opposing policies au courant here at home, may wonder why nobody gave a darn what he was rabbitting on about at the G20. Nice hair, empty head, too much ambition for his actual talent all things considered.

Those two policies, one when he is posing for selfies out West praising dilbit, the NEB and pipelines between grinning camera shots, and the other back East when he becomes a stern lecturer on the need for a Green Environment and kill coal, seem to have betrayed him among leaders who may well have briefing papers of more depth than our ossified Public Service provides him on the abilities/leanings of other leaders.

In other words, his domestic ruse may have been rumbled by other governments who, you know, actually keep up with these kinds of inconsistent things. For their own benefit to avoid making silly liaisions in the first place with our rather untrustworthy PM, who'll agree with anything to get 5 minutes in the spotlight on the world stage, wave to the crowd and adjust his message for the screaming teenies who actually pay attention to him.

Of course, Justin/Canada may just be discounted anyway. My time in Europe would lead to me believe that nobody knows or cares what Canada thinks about anything beyond the trivialities. Not enough population to matter, even if Canucks think we're mighty, we're not really, so far as the rest of the world is concerned. Frankly, probably just as well.


The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks for your comments, BM. Yes the Express would write that slant, wouldn't it? Sort of like Rebel Media only with an audience.

Dana said...

Bravo Molto...or maybe just Bob one knows for sure...

Anonymous said...

Yup. I hear her, loud and clear. She is a nuclear physicist, isn't she? And besides THUGS, they are...?