Thursday, July 27, 2017

M'aidez, m'aidez

A plea for help from the Council of Canadians. Reproduced here in its entirety:

Did you know that most lakes and rivers in Canada are no longer protected from harmful development like dams, mines, powerlines and fish farms?

As someone who loves to kayak, I am deeply worried about how the federal government is eroding the public’s right to navigate lakes and rivers and the impacts this will have on lakes and rivers in our communities.

I bet you share similar concerns about the welfare and protection of our cherished lakes and rivers.

In fact, tens of thousands of people like you joined the Council of Canadians in flooding the Trudeau government and federal committees with heartfelt letters urging that protections be restored on the 99% of lakes and rivers that were left unprotected at the hands of the former Harper government.

But the Trudeau government didn’t listen. Instead, in a shocking move it decided to leave protections stripped off of nearly 31,000 lakes and 2.25 million rivers in Canada.

This means that dams, pipelines, mines and fish farms can be built on 99% of lakes and rivers in Canada without scrutiny. These projects can threaten people’s navigation rights and lead to contamination.

Without question, the pipeline industry drove these changes. And now industry representatives are fighting to ensure the Trudeau government keeps protections off.

If Trudeau won’t listen, we have to put the pressure on individual MPs to step up. Will you join me in calling on your MP to urge the Trudeau government to stand up to Big Oil and immediately restore protections of every lake and every river?

The time to act is now. Until August 28, the Trudeau government is holding public consultations on a discussion paper about Canada’s key environmental laws. This is the time to make our voices heard loud and clear.

Please take a moment now to add your voice. You can have an even bigger impact by asking five of your family members or friends to join you in taking action!

Thank you for all you do to protect every lake and every river in Canada.


Anonymous said...

Anyong....I belong to the Council of Canadians and I am one of those people who have petitioned PM Trudeau. "No" the Trudeau government has not paid one bit of attention. And not only that, Nestles is using Canadian water from where ever they can get it for almost next to nothing. In Ontario, they currently pay to the Ontario Government, $3.71 per million litres extracted. Nestlé Waters Canada pays $2.25 for every one million litres of groundwater it draws for its bottling plant in Hope, B.C. It presently costs $4.47 for less than a liter of water at guess where? None other than Walmart. Doesn't that just turn your stomach?

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes it is stomach-churning, Anyong. Much of the blame for the Nestle fiasco, however, rests on our provincial governments.

Anonymous said...

Anyong.....One tries to out do they other.