Monday, July 31, 2017

Bibi's Submarine Scandal. Will It Sink Him?

Will Israel's deal to buy German submarines torpedo Benjamin Netanyahu?

The Times of Israel reports that investigators have discovered how 20%, nine million dollars out of an overall 45 billion dollar commission, was to be steered to Bibi's lawyer.

Miki Ganor, a former agent for the German submarine company ThyssenKryupp, said David Shimron — who is also Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cousin and personal attorney — was to receive 20 percent of his own commission of $45 million, Channel 2 and Channel 10 reported.

Channel 10 reported that in exchange for his share of the commission, Shimron was tasked with ensuring that certain undisclosed clauses were inserted into the memorandum of understanding between Israel and Germany for the purchase of the vessels.

Ganor and Shimron are among six suspects brought in for questioning earlier this month as part of the investigation. They are suspected of attempting to sway deals in favor of ThyssenKrupp. Two other suspects are former deputy head of the National Security Council Avriel Bar-Yosef and former commander of the Israeli Navy Maj. Gen. (res) Eliezer Marom.

The suspects were questioned under caution on suspicion of fraud, bribery, tax evasion and money laundering, the Israel Police and the Tax Authority said in a joint statement.

Netanyahu is not a suspect in the case. However, police are planning to summon him to testify on what he knows about the issue.


Toby said...

The sense of entitlement is stunning.

Any idea why Israel needs submarines?

The Mound of Sound said...

As I recall, Toby, the Israeli boats are adaptations of the Type 212 submarine. The new Dolphin 2 is equipped to fire submarine launched cruise missiles. The Israeli Navy is supposedly going to deploy nuclear warheads for those cruise missiles giving it another line of nuclear deterrence against attack. It can then also intimidate the neighbours in the eastern Med.

Toby said...

So Netanyahu wants to stir up more trouble.

The Mound of Sound said...

I think Netanyahu and his admirals understand the role of force projection in that area. It does make sense militarily for Israel to be able to control its offshore.