Friday, August 17, 2018

A Memory of Aretha

Remember this?  Jake, Elwood and Aretha.


Northern PoV said...

Belushi's Great tribute to the blues.

Cab Calloway
Ray Charles
James Brown
John Lee Hooker
and the great Aretha

Anonymous said...

Remember it well, Mound and have thought about that movie quite a bit these last couple of days. Aretha also had a "comeback hit" in the mid '80s, Freeway of Love. Considering the schlock of music of the '80s, it stood out on its own.

NPOV, Aretha's husband in the video is none other than Matt "Guitar" Murphy who just recently passed away as well. Check out the who's who of the blues greats he played with. Donald "Duck Dunn, bass player for the wonderful Booker T and the MGs was also in the movie as one of the Blues Brothers band members. Thank goodness Steve "The Colonel" Cropper is still with us.

mr perfect

Northern PoV said...

Thanks el-perfecto