Saturday, August 04, 2018

When Tundra Turns Boreal

NASA researchers have found that Alaska's North Slope tundra ecosystem is transforming into something that more closely resembles the boreal forests of the south.
During Arctic summer, warmer temperatures thaw the uppermost layers of permafrost, allowing microbes to break down previously frozen organic matter.This process releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Plant growth also increases during this period - and plants remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis. But as temperatures increase, the amount of time carbon is stored in the Arctic soil decreases. 
"The balance between these two dynamics will determine whether Arctic ecosystems will ultimately remove or add atmospheric carbon dioxide in the future climate. Our study finds that the latter is more likely," said lead author and former JPL postdoctoral researcher Sujong Jeong of Seoul National University. "We anticipate that residence time of Arctic carbon will lead to faster and more pronounced seasonal and long-term changes in global atmospheric carbon dioxide."


Beijing York said...

I just came back from an environmental monitoring trip in northern Manitoba and lots of discussions focused on climate change. The fact that tornadoes are moving north (rail stop Wabowden was recently hit and just the other day, there was a casualty when a tornado touched down on the western side of Lake Manitoba). Other observations included shorter winter seasons with more snowfalls than normal, which have increased spring flooding.

The Mound of Sound said...

Hi, BY. I saw the photos on your FB page. You seem to have done a lot of travel by canoe. How were the mosquitoes? They must love these warmer, moister conditions. Will these changes open northern Manitoba for development? Many years ago I spent a few months working in Flin Flon. That was mainly Canadian Shield.

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Beijing York said...

Hi MoS. Nothing as demanding as canoeing. Boats with motors. But super amazing experience being the only humans on that lake (Atkinson/Fox). Bugs were thick for sure - I got a bite on my eyelid that freaked me out but after two days, the swelling went down.