Saturday, August 25, 2018

A Week Like No Other

What a deliciously horrible week for Donald Trump. His former lawyer and fixer cops to eight felonies. Rat. His former campaign manager is convicted on eight felonies and faces a bigger trial next month. His media mogul bestie, Pecker, cuts an immunity deal with prosecutors. Rat. And then, the icing on the cake. His family's right hand man for the past half century, Weisselberg the accountant/CFO, who knows where all the bodies are buried, cuts an immunity deal with prosecutors. Rat.

Trump has the tenacious New York Attorney General nipping at his heels, tearing into the Trump Organization, the Trump Foundation, and the kids - Ivanka, Don Jr., Eric, and Kushner. He's got the federal prosecutor for New York Southern District following the Trump blood trail. The federal Attorney for Washington is pursuing Trump and his minions. And there's the Mueller investigation spinning work to all of the others and ready to pounce on the Russia connections. They're gunning for the Mango Mussolini and they're coming at him from all directions.

The various prosecutors are employing RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) tactics, rolling up the suspects, getting them to rat out the guys above. They're falling like dominoes.

Team Mueller has done its homework. One witness who testified before Mueller's Grand Jury said the prosecutors knew him better than he knew himself.

Even Trump's lawyers are lawyering up.   Rudy Giuliani has decided to go golfing in Scotland.

Trump is desperate to fire his AG, Sessions, and replace him with some malleable stooge who will shut down the Mueller investigation but it's hard to see how Congress can do that now that the floodgates of scandal have opened so wide. Mueller hasn't even submitted his interim report yet but that will come out well before Trump can get a new AG in place to silence the special prosecutor.

If Mueller moves on the kids, Trump's best move might be to resign and have Pence do a Gerald Ford, pardoning everyone named Trump or married to one.


Jay Farquharson said...

Pence is eyeballs deep.

the salamander said...

.. not sure re US 'Law' Mound
(hell, barely inderstand Canadian 'Law)
But if one receives a Presidential Pardon
I believe one loses certain 1st Amendment rights
like Right to Remain Silent.. self incriminate etc
or is that the 5th.. but I do know the cost is high
and one is extremely vulnerable to other prosecutions

Mueller is ensuring State Law & agencies become involved
ie immune to the Get Out of Jail Free pardon
and regardless.. once one is stripped naked
in front of the American public
like a modern day Benedict Arnold..
there is no 'pardon' of public perception
or the endless grinding of biography & historical fact

They let the hysterical pus sack president
play in the sandbox called the White House
just as we let Harper 'the genius economist'
do so in our house..

The USA and Canada got the same thing only
One asshat's personal ideology jammed in our face

Uh oh.. here comes Dough Ford.. majority !
Just like the strange ms Redford or ms Christy Clark
and Alberta is on the edge of Jason Kenney's reign.. ulp !

The Mound of Sound said...

One thing I know from this week is that those voices who persistently said no one would ever get to Trump were dead wrong.

Northern PoV said...

"One thing I know from this week is that those voices who persistently said no one would ever get to Trump were dead wrong."

That's a little premature, even for you. Don't hold your breath.

In fact it seems to contradict your own words:

"NPoV, it's emerging that the American people are not particularly inclined to defend democracy or their vaunted Constitution. To what extent this indifference is a groomed response (something I've been suggesting for years) is not clear, perhaps not even material. The malaise is the problem and it seems pretty well entrenched among the American people today."

The kabuki dancers are just getting warmed-up and the Fat Lady is too.

Northern PoV said...

more grist for the mill....

Anonymous said...

Methinks that Northen PoV should be in charge of proofreading of Mound's blog posts @Trump.
From the link above:
"[Trump's] election was a symptom of deep pathologies of American political culture that we must address, including the failure of the “liberal” party and of the two-party system itself."
I shall add that a big part of "the two-party system" is also goes by the name of "swamp."

Anonymous said...

Ooops, I had proofread "is" too late ;-)

Purple library guy said...

If Trump was smart, even in the limited tactical sense that one might expect from his supposed "hardball dealmaker" persona, he would have quashed that fishing expedition months ago no matter how illegitimate his tactics had to be. I mean, it was always clear that whether any of it had anything to do with Vladimir Putin or not (so far, still not) he was surely guilty of plenty of illegal deeds one way or another and the inquiry, left to run, would pull them in eventually and exploit them like a semen-splashed dress.

Purple library guy said...

Jay Farquharson says Pence is eyeballs deep. Maybe, but it doesn't matter--nobody wants to get Pence. Pence is horrible, but he's fine from the POV of the US establishment; he might do some nasty social-conservative things domestically, but billionaires don't care about that--he won't disrupt normal ruling class approaches to foreign policy or the economy, and that's all that matters to them.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ is all I can write.