Monday, August 20, 2018

Who Knew? Loads of People Knew.

Here are a couple of items plucked from the media around the turn of the last century. First up, an item published in a New Zealand paper in 1912.

Then there's this, of the same vintage, from Popular Mechanics.

The article ends with an ominous warning that rings true, even today. “….In light of all that is known it is reasonable to conclude that not only has the brain of man contrived machines by means of which he can travel faster than the wind, navigate the ocean depths, fly above the clouds, and do the work of a hundred, but also that indirectly by these very things, which change the constitution of the atmosphere, have his activities reached beyond the near at hand and the immediate present and modified the cosmic processes themselves.”


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Ask the Sahara Desert about what happens when you remove all of the trees. Or the Middle East's 'Fertile Crescent' that was destroyed by poor planning (ie. salt). Or a thousand other examples since humans put a spark to flint.

We're too stupid to shephard this planet. Time for someone / something else to take over.

rww said...

But they did not have the wonderful clean coal that we have today. It is really wonderful, so wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! We are stupid especially when we pee in our drinking water. Anyong