Tuesday, August 21, 2018

If You Can't Believe All This Alarming Climate Change News

If you're feeling overwhelmed, a bit like the three monkeys, that's understandable. Yes, the research on climate change has been pouring in, hot and heavy. Yes, the news is dire. Yes, it's almost unbelievable, impossible. This just cannot be happening, not to us, not now.

There's only one way to make sense of it, at least that I know of. It is in the context of what's been named, "The Great Acceleration." Just over a year ago I did a post about the Great Acceleration that incorporated all the graphs you can find at that link.

It's not remarkable that these developments are flooding in. It would be remarkable if they weren't. Just take a cursory glance at those graphs and you'll quickly grasp what I mean.


Toby said...

It's the compounding thing. Years ago we noticed glaciers starting to melt. Winters got warmer. Pine beetles survived the winters and killed pine forests leaving dead wood (fuel) behind. Now we have more and hotter fires which denude hillsides. With no trees to hold water rain washes off (gushes off) with massive erosion and often ruined municipal water supply. Etc. In the north permafrost melts and releases methane. Etc. Each bit of damage leads to more damage which leads to more . . .

Our political leaders have all been briefed, Even yahoos like Trump and numskulls like Trudeau. Their respective militaries would have seen to that. How they can stand on a podium and rant BS with a strait face I just can't understand.

The Mound of Sound said...

I saw a report today about the massive expanse of beetle kill-off that remains. I had thought, been given to believe actually, that most of the die-off had been harvested for scavenge wood or wood pellet fuels. Was I ever wrong. It's been standing there, drying out, turning into firewood, waiting for a spark or a lightning strike.

The more this evidence builds the more apparent it becomes that our federal and provincial governments are deer caught in the headlights. They don't have a plan. They don't have a clue. They just want to change the subject - trade, the economy, blah, blah, blah. They're whistling past the graveyard and leaving us on our own.