Sunday, August 05, 2018

The TweetMeister's Game

They're as predictable as the sunrise. Donald Trump and Twitter are joined at the hip. His aides have tried to get him to give it up but Trump won't have it. He argues it is his direct link to his followers. He's right.

Andrew Sullivan explains why Trump needs Twitter to prop up his presidency.

Con men usually know that a con has a life span, and not a long one. At some point, it will collapse because it is, in fact, bullshit. By then, the best con men have made the sale — think of “Trump University” — and moved on. They also know that keeping the suckers sealed off from other sources of contrary information is essential until the deal is done. You have to maintain a fiction relentlessly, dismiss or delegitimize external information that might get your marks to think differently, and constantly make the sale. You have to humor and flatter and bullshit all the time, until you’ve sealed the deal.

And Trump is really, really good at this. In fact, it’s his chief skill, along with his instinct for the easy mark and another human being’s vulnerable spot. It has worked many times before. It’s at the root of his entire shady business career. His problem now, however, is that this is the biggest of all cons, if you’re playing at a presidential level, and is also the longest. It has to be sustainable for at least four years. And that’s an extremely long time to keep it alive. 
This is why, it seems to me, Trump tweets so often and so aggressively. It’s his chief mechanism for keeping his dupes under his spell, for sustaining the narrative of the con while reality tugs at it. He’s making the sale every news cycle of every day because the alternative is the whole thing crashing to the ground. It’s also why he keeps holding rallies. You need that kind of mass crowd hysteria to sustain a con — “America Is Great Again!” — that might otherwise be fraying at the edges. It’s why he lambastes the media. Their role in undercutting the con — in presenting the arguments against it, in raising suspicions about the con man himself — is deeply destabilizing to the project. And it’s why he has to lie, and lie with greater and greater intensity and frequency. 
And sure enough, the rate of Trump’s lies is accelerating, as the con ages. All six of the last six weeks rank in the top ten most dishonest of his presidency, as the indefatigable Daniel Dale has noted. Last Tuesday, Trump actually made the subtext text, in a speech to a Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention: “Just remember, what you are seeing and what you are reading is not what’s happening … Just stick with us, don’t believe the crap you see from these people, the fake news.” Some have analogized this to Orwell’s vision of totalitarianism.  
...Desperate is insisting that what is clearly the word would — from the tape and the tone and the sentence structure of his Helsinki press conference — is actually the word wouldn’t. Desperate is responding to the Carter Page FISA documents by insisting that they say the opposite of what they actually say. Desperate is insisting that when the president said no directly to a reporter asking whether he believed that the Russians were still meddling in American democracy, he was actually not answering the question, even as he was looking at the journalist when he said it. 
Desperate is banning a CNN reporter from a press conference because she had previously asked difficult reality-based questions about Michael Cohen — and then quibbling over the term ban. Desperate is a sudden Obama-like truce with the E.U. on trade. Desperate is the attempt by some House Republicans to impeach Rod Rosenstein, a move that has not even been cheered by the far-right media, and that is swiftly deflating. Desperate is doubling down on the “witch-hunt hoax,” while the chief money guy for the Trump Organization, Allen Weisselberg, gets a subpoena, and Michael Cohen’s lawyer says of his client, who knows far too much, “He has hit the reset button; he’s made a turn — to be on his own, speaking the truth.” More desperate still is Rudy Giuliani saying of Michael Cohen last night, after Cohen told CNN that Trump did indeed know in advance of the meeting in Trump Tower with an agent of the Russian government: “He’s been lying all week; he’s been lying for years.”
No, this is not an unraveling. But the con is definitely fraying badly. And it is not going to get easier to keep patching it up as time goes steadily by.


the salamander said...

.. I believe there is more to the Trumpian nightmare than Twitter. Yes yes.. the constant tweets are part & parcel to his toxic persona. He covers all bases of course, Twitter, Facebook, Mainstream Media, rallies, Broadcast News whether TV or web etc. Bottome line is he lies and deceives daily.. he's a complete fraud.. a griffer and con man .. but he's a consumate bully - try to get paid, or threaten him its litigation that deters fighting him or even denouncing him.. who has that kind of time or money ? But he was a grifter & fraud all along, regardless of his tweet deceits

This morning (or last night's) tweets are essentially climically hysterical. 'his wonderful son - wandering into legal jeopardy' (deary me, but does this thug twist Law & Legislation into his personal pretzel fabrications & fantasies) and the increasing injection of derogatory name calling and insult as daily, repeating distraction - 'witchhunt' & 'crooked Hillary' is essentially Alex Jones level conspiracy & raving spew. Trump is now like a lunatic preacher in a pulpit or on a soapbox, begging for donations & ranting on fire and brimstone & that he is the righteous right arm of the lord and Oracle all at once!

Mueller will blow through this nannering Trump 'defense of accusation'.. and I believe, Trump et al are simply identifying who they are, where, what they are.. how useless they are and what they did. The GOP are realizing this as midterm candidates risk losing by association with Trump's sinking ship. Imagine two more years of this gross incompetance, the mindless shouting at 'rallies", the extended golf weekends, endless daily lies & deflections, the increasing debt, the extended military - 72 countries, last I looked .. 'trade wars are easy to win' - 'all that winning' etc etc.

Trump is an insult upon America. He attacks Gold Star Families, military vets, even Lebron James. Its zero sum with him and kissing his ass or you are going to be publically attacked and insulted.. He's a bully more that a skilled or gifted conman. Its Animal Farm at the White House, blended with 1984.. and Monty Python brought to life. President Bone Spurs is in over his head.. and his mouth won't save him. Hell, he is already in the history books just on the hysterical lying, the 5 military deferrments, the sheer scale of business failures & fraud - and there is Russia and China, astonished at what a boon he is to them.. as a boat anchor dragging the USA down

The Mound of Sound said...

He is all that, Sal. And, like you, I think Mueller's team have Trump's number. They have Trump's tax returns. They have probably grilled his accountants. Deutsche Bank, having paid a $600,000,000+ in fines, was apparently quick to cough up documents and correspondence on Trump's financing. They've even dissected Trump's tweets, not as direct evidence of crimes but as evidence showing "guilty mind."

I think they've got the bugger on money-laundering and conspiracy (Trump calls it "collusion.") No one, unless they've had access to the evidence Team Mueller has amassed, including witness and Grand Jury testimony, and the documentary stuff, can say for sure. That's why I'm regularly astounded at how some commenters say this is a nothingburger.

Jay Farquharson said...

Treason as well.

Missed by many in the last round of Meuller indictments, is indictments of GRU Officers for some of the hacking.

The Pentagon added cyber attacks by Nation State actors to their "acts of war" categories.

So basically, The Insane Clown POS aided and abetted cyberwar against the US.

And today's tweets were:

Hair Twitler -" Donnie, go stand over there!"

DJTjr- "Are you sure Dad? It's a bus lane!"

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