Saturday, August 04, 2018

No. The Answer is No. This Is Not Something for Debate.

Okay, here's the issue: now that the United States has become Europe's unreliable partner, should Germany acquire nuclear weapons? I'm thinking that's a real big "no"!
Political scientist Christian Hacke, who is a key figure in German foreign policy, said Germany can “only rely on itself” as relations within the European union and the wider world intensify. 
Germany is an economic superpower with the means to create nuclear deterrent of its own but under international law, framed in the wake of World War II, was prevented from doing so. 
During the Cold War, Protocol III of the Treaty of Brussels forbade the country from possessing nuclear, biological or chemical weapons. 
In an essay published yesterday, Mr Hacke said that Germany needs nuclear weapons to meet the challenges of the current international climate. 
He wrote: "National defence on the basis of a nuclear deterrent must be given priority in light of new transatlantic uncertainties and potential confrontations." 
The new debate in the country comes in light of Donald Trump’s attack on the EU and his subsequent trade tariffs. 
It also follows fresh threats from North Korea and the ensuing dialogue between Pyongyang and Washington. 
Speaking to POLITICO, Mr Hacke believes Mr Trump’s approach to German foreign policy – including his slating of NATO – has prompted the need for nuclear armament.


Toby said...

Agreed, NO! I would add that NO! to every other country including those which already have nukes. The US having nukes has never helped me to feel secure.

What "fresh threats from North Korea?"

Jay Farquharson said...

They added a new nuke factory, added on to a bomb plant, and have started building new, solid fuel ICBM's.

Trailblazer said...

The best security Germany has is a good economy.
The Russian at your door is becoming boring and senseless.

Other than the idiots that wish to control everything, think Trump,Erdogan and a multitude of ex Soviet states ( Oh for the good times) We; as they say have nothing to fear but fear itself!
British Aerospace and Lockheed Martin may think otherwise.


Jay Farquharson said...

In Georgia, every night, the Polite Green Men creep out from their 14 military bases in South Ossettia and Abakazia to push the "border" 100 metres deeper into Georgia.

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are also familiar with this continual ratfucking.

None of Russia's neighbors have anything nice to say about Putin's Russia.

Trailblazer said...

None of Russia's neighbors have anything nice to say about Putin's Russia.
I doubt that many countries such as the USA and the UK have neighbours who think they are good.
Yes there are assholes around the world.some assholes are just nicer than other assholes.

In the end I think its difficult to take the high ground and succeed.


Anonymous said...

If little Israel has nukes why can't Germany?

Anonymous said...

Well, France has nukes and zero US bases on its territory - rather unique. Has the US put the squeeze on them? North Korea makes the US recoil from simply waltzing in and doing to it what it has managed to do to multiple other countries, i.e. bomb 'em back to the middle ages and to heck with reconstruction. Has North Korea threatened any other country but the USA?

Sure, I'd like the world to denuclearize so corporate America, the military goons and predatory capitalists can take over everything. It would be ideal, what? You could watch CO2 levels rise even quicker.

As for Russia-baiting and green clad men gaining 100 metres a day on their neighbours, that is piker grade stuff compared to the Yanks. Besides, we have 400 trained marksmen on the Latvian border to stop the Cossack invading hordes. JT sent them, dontcha know. We're a good little ally, but Trump doesn't give a shit. He only deals with people who do not fawn in obsequious fashion. Otherwise you're toast and ripe for pickins'. Don't suppose Germany feels like taking it on the chin while housing ever more refugees from America's middle east illegal misadventures.

I have zero time for America, Russia or China lording it over their perceived satrapies. Or me. Or us. Change of titular head in these three giant countries is unlikely to really change anything with the way they all go about their business. I personally find the current Russia paranoia around here uninformed. Let the US stand up and declare it hasn't influenced elections in dozens of countries. But even the tiniest of sniffs at Russian attempts to screw the Democrats in the self-proclaimed bastion of democracy generates bleats the like of which are rarely heard. So precious. The utter hypocrisy of it all resonates worldwide. But Saint Bob of Muller will defend the straight and narrow,


The Mound of Sound said...

This isn't directed at anyone in particular and no offence is intended but of late I've sensed a greater degree of cynicism, perhaps resignation, in many of the comments here.

Do you think that's accurate, that we're becoming increasingly fed up?

Toby said...

"Do you think that's accurate, that we're becoming increasingly fed up?"


Anonymous said...

Jay...absolutely correct according to my communication with my Korean friends living in South Korea. Mound, I confess to a lot of sadness rather than cynicism...sometimes even anger. Anyong

Trailblazer said...

Nah!! Life is good.
We may have lost the AGW fight and a bunch of others but we can make life friggen miserable for those that caused it!

Fed up, annoyed, pissed of !! that comes with older age quite naturally!!

I walk my dog in the bush every day rain or shine and enjoy all that nature brings.

FWIW, for aviation fans.
Over the last two weeks i have spotted a Beech 18 on floats,numerous DHC2 Beavers, a Grumman Goose and a NA B25 Mitchell.
Life is interesting.


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