Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Slayer?

Senator Elizabeth Warren is being posited as the next Democrat to derail Hillary Clinton's quest to become America's first female president.

Salon.com praises Warren as "the avatar of a new populist insurgency within the Democratic Party."  The Nation contends that "Candidate or Not, Elizabeth Warren Has the Right 2016 Message."

The case is made even more forcefully in The New Republic where the Warren phenomenon  is described as "Hillary's Nightmare.  A Democratic Party That Realizes Its Soul Lies With Elizabeth Warren."

This notion of an unstoppable uprising of populism is wonderful - if it was real - but it may be a dream.   The forces of status quo corporatism are more powerful in the United States than anywhere else on Earth and reach deep inside the Democratic Party even if not as successfully as they dominate the Republicans.

This is not the America of a century ago that was led to populist reform by Teddy Roosevelt.  I sense that Americans today are of flimsier stuff, more easily intimidated and cowed.   The corporatist cabal has elevated mass manipulation to the status of a religion.

Hillary can expect support not only from her conservative side of the Democratic Party but also from Republicans and big business.   She found herself snowed by Barack Obama.  I doubt she has any intention of succumbing to Elizabeth Warren.   More's the pity.

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