Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hey Torontonians, Here's a Fun Game for the Whole Family

Best of all, it costs next to nothing.  Mom, dad, gather the kids around the computer.   Then look up lists of foreign, English-language newspapers.  Papers in France or Germany, maybe India, Japan or Israel. 

Go to the web sites of these online newspapers, locate the search bar and then type in "Rob Ford."  Sit back, you won't be waiting long.   Have the kids get a pad and paper and start keeping score.  How many stories will each paper have about Toronto's mayor and his substance abuse fiascos? 

If you want to up the game, why not everyone choose a number in advance and place bets?  Better yet, if you aspire for your own kids to follow in Rob Ford's footsteps, turn it into a drinking game.

For example, I just landed at The Japan Times to find that the paper has published 37-stories about Rob Ford.   Even AlJazeera has plenty of Rob Ford content including a few appearances in its  'week in pictures'  column.

Der Spiegel has several reports including this intriguing headline.   See if you can guess what it's about?  Rob Ford patzt mit Oralsex-Spruch.

Ford hatte erst kürzlich eingestanden, Crack geraucht und jahrelang illegale Drogen gekauft zu haben - was er zuvor geleugnet hatte. Nun wehrte sich der Bürgermeister live im Fernsehen vor Reportern gegen den Vorwurf, er habe Oralsex mit einer Mitarbeiterin haben wollen. "Das habe ich nie im Leben zu ihr gesagt, ich würde das nie machen."

Dabei hätte er es belassen können. Doch Ford legte nach. Der Vater zweier Kinder erklärte in vulgären Worten, er sei "glücklich verheiratet" und habe genug Oralsex zu Hause.

Just imagine.   All these people from all round the world are suddenly learning so much about Toronto. 


Purple library guy said...

Looking at that Der Spiegel article made me realize one thing: I think "Burgermeister" is a much better title for Rob Ford than "Mayor".

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, indeed - sigh.

Anonymous said...

Are you seriously suggesting that people in Toronto expose their children to Rob Ford? How creepy or kinky can you be? Shame on you.

The Mound of Sound said...

Oh, please, Anon. Do tell me that you're not so addled, so idiotic that you cannot recognize really blatant satire.

Anonymous said...

Blatant satire....bull shxx. You like making excuses for yourself just as much as Robbie.

The Mound of Sound said...

Okay, you're right, you got me. I was dead serious. Now you had better pop another Xanax before you boil over.