Saturday, November 23, 2013

Do You See What I See?

Here's a random photo taken at the Halifax Security Forum now underway.  It's a photo of NSA Director, general Keith Alexander.

Who is that woman sitting in front of him?  Is it, could it be? 

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Scotian said...

It almost certainly is, not that I find it at all surprising. Her invite would have been issued long before the drumhead circus in the Senate happened, and she did have the background in security issues to be on of the attendees. Another thing we need to keep in mind about Wallin as opposed to Duffy is her corporate connections and board memberships still exist giving her still some power-base to work from unlike Duffy whose Senate and CPC positions were all he had once he left the media world for them. So I expect to see her crop[ up from time to time in relation to them.