Monday, November 18, 2013

Rob Ford in Action - Video

Who knew the Bloated Buffoon could charge like a rhino?

In the unlikely chance you have trouble opening this clip, just wait for The Daily Show tonight.


Al Hunter said...

OK, it's time for a 24 hr Ford channel. All Ford - All The Time.
There's certainly enough content & entertainment value.

crf said...

It's like a bull after being prodded by picadors.

Rene said...

Imagine a tag team duo of vicious, depraved, psychotic brothers let loose in the political arena, turning Toronto City Hall into the Verdun Arena, physically assaulting and trading insults with their many detractors in the audience. Imagine if you will the 1960s Vachon brothers let loose on Toronto City Hall to "administer" the city's business.

From their Wikipedia exploits:

"Vachon would frequently buy local TV time prior to a weekend event, which he then used to boldly proclaim his supremacy while also deprecating his opponent. Such acts of bravado were considered revolutionary at the time, though it was successful in that it attracted attention to Vachon’s new character as well as drawing additional fans to the arena. As a result, Vachon subsequently established himself as a major heel while also portraying a wrestling beast inside the ring who would freely stomp, bite, and pound his opponent into submission."

"Before long, “Mad Dog” Vachon consequently developed a reputation as perhaps the most feared rulebreaker in all of wrestling..Maurice Vachon's tendency to hurt his opponents with foreign objects, filed fingernails and teeth, and the multiple use of his signature finishing move, the Piledriver, to end matches made him notorious in the business and caused him to be banned in three U.S. states. But it also made his popularity soar among the fans."

"...forming a highly successful and dangerous tandem with his brother Paul “The Butcher” Vachon. On August 30, 1969, the Vachon’s defeated Crusher & Bruiser for the AWA World Tag Team Titles; and the following year, the two battled again in a famous steel cage match at Chicago’s Comiskey Park (where the Vachon’s again emerged victorious), as their violent fights ultimately served as the precursor for a new brand of sadistic and vicious brawling that would spawn future mayhem stars .. But after two decades as one the sport’s most evil characters, the fans suddenly began to rally behind the “Mad Dog” in the late 1970s ... he left the sport as one its most beloved fan favorites after spending almost his entire career as a sadistic villain. His innovative portrayal of a snarling, bloodthirsty monster would inspire a myriad of future “psychotic” wrestlers...".

Now imagine if such behavior is not an "innovative portrayal" of villainy but the genuine article, that "sadistic villains", psychotic, "snarling, bloodthirsty" monsters have been let loose on Toronto City Hall to obstruct the business of Canada's largest city. And the Ontario government still refuses to intervene and restore order and sanity ......

Anonymous said...

This man and his brother are not worth talking about and do not diserve the attention they are getting. This trash is taking away from more important things that are going on in the world. Why aren't we talking about what's happening in Poland right now?