Monday, November 18, 2013

Talk About Government Waste. EnviroShill Aglukkaq Visits Warsaw.

Couldn't we have just sent flowers or maybe a gift basket of cheeses and wine? 

Why is Canada even putting in an appearance at the U.N. climate summit in Warsaw?   Why are we footing the bill to freight Leona Aglukkaq and her entourage to the climate change talks? 

Oh yes, I forgot.   We attend those meetings to ensure that we can sabotage any consensus to reach an effective international agreement on climate change action.

Canada's reputation is so bad, even Green Party leader Elizabeth May says she gets a rough time.

"It seems to me really that the Canadian delegation here has become largely irrelevant," said Chistian Holz, the head of Climate Action Network Canada.

Holz said the reason for that is Canada's reputation for inaction on climate change. 

Aglukkaq told CBC News that Canada has done plenty to reduce down greenhouse gases. She pointed to her government's sector-by-sector approach, where emissions standards for light and heavy vehicles and coal-burning power plants have already been agreed on.

She also talked about Australia's decision to repeal its levy on greenhouse gases.

"Everyone has their own approach and we know a carbon tax would increase the price of everything in Canada," Aglukkaq said.

But Green Party leader Elizabeth May said that is the kind of statement that puts Canada in an ugly light.
This is not where Canadians want to be. We have become, at UN climate meetings, the worst country in the room," she added.

May said that even she is met with derision when she attends these talks just because she is Canadian.

"Canada's profile in these international negotiations has fallen so low that we really are met with a wall of contempt," May told CBC News.


Anonymous said...

They are sent because we have all that money to waste on a vacation away from home...that's why.

The Mound of Sound said...

Actually we attend these conferences in force seeking, quite successfully by our record, to derail them.

Anonymous said...

They are still getting a vacation since they do not beleive in the peril our earth is in.

Purple library guy said...

It is hard to get a politico to understand something when his corporate payola depends on his not understanding it.