Thursday, November 21, 2013

State Terrorism and the House of Saud

Are the Saudi royals hatching a terrorist enterprise?

The Saudis have been playing hardball in the Middle East/Persian Gulf region.  A few months ago, prince Bandar bin Sultan tried to broker a deal with Vlad Putin to get Russia to withdraw its support for Syria's Assad regime in exchange for major Middle East oil concessions and prince Bandar's promise that he would see to it there would be no Islamist terrorist attacks interfering with the Russian Olympic games.  It was a pretty thinly veiled threat.

Bandar, often called "Bandar Bush" for his close relationship with the Bush family, has become Saudi intelligence chief intent on taking down Iran before it can develop nuclear weapons.  He's livid that Obama hasn't sent in the troops to topple Assad.  Now he's taken command of the "Muhammad Army", an extraterritorial Saudi force to conduct terrorist attacks inside Syria.

Asia Times correspondent, Pepe Escobar, reports that Saudi agents were behind the terrorist bombing of the Iranian embassy in Lebanon.

...don't expect the "West" to condemn this as terror. Look at the headlines; it's all normalized as "blasts" - as if children were playing with firecrackers.

Whether carried out by a hazy al-Qaeda-linked brigade or by Saudi spy chief Bandar bin Sultan's (aka Bandar Bush's) goons, the Beirut terror attack is essentially configured as a major, Saudi-enabled provocation. The larger Saudi agenda in Syria implies getting both Hezbollah and Iran to be pinned down inside Lebanon as well. If that happens, Israel also wins. Once again, here's another graphic illustration of the Likudnik House of Saud in action.

Nuance also applies. Bandar Bush's strategy, coordinated with jihadis, was to virtually beg for Hezbollah to fight inside Syria. When Hezbollah obliged, with only a few hundred fighters, the jihadis scurried away from the battlefield to implement plan B: blowing up innocent women and children in the streets of Lebanon.

On Syria, the main pillar of Bandar Bush's strategy is to turn the previously "Free" Syrian Army into a "national army" of 30,000 or so fully weaponized hardcore fighters - mostly supplied by the "Army of Islam", which is nothing but a cipher for the al-Qaedesque Jabhat al-Nusra. King Playstation of Jordan, also known as Abdullah, collaborates as the provider of training camps near the Syrian border. Whatever happens, one thing is certain; expect Bandar Bush's goons to be carrying out more suicide bombings on both Lebanon and Syria. 

It's a fascinating article that outlines the collaboration currently in play between the Saudis and Israel aimed at Iran and bringing the United States into the fray.   All the options are on the table, including a campaign of outright terrorism. 

America talks tough about state-sponsored terrorism and it has spent more than a decade fighting Sunni  Islamist extremists including, of course, al Qaeda.  The 9/11 terrorists were mainly Saudis and it's well known that various Saudi royals have been extremely generous in supporting Wahhabist extremism.

America's hegemony in the Muslim world is waning.   Will the Saudis speed up the demise of American influence?

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