Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ottawa Tells Ford - "Go"

I don't believe in the Tooth Fairy and I don't believe Jason Kenney would speak out on Rob Ford without the boss's approval.

One day after the Ontario Progressive Conservatives expressed a willingness to back the Liberal government if they ousted Rob Ford, Jason Kenney is calling for the Bloated Buffoon to resign.

Kenney, the minister of employment and social justice, says the infamous mayor has brought dishonour to the city of Toronto and to public office generally.

Kenney says Ford is dragging the city of Toronto through "terrible embarrassment."


Lorne said...

I wonder if this is not yet another example of certain leadership hopefuls attempting to stake out their own turf in anticipation of an opening at the top, Mound. This has echoes of the stalwart defence of Nigel Wright that Kenny and MacKay offered a couple of weeks ago, clearly in contravention of the 'official' Harper narrative.

131220 said...

And while you're at it everyone, ignore the anti-union tweet I just made.
J. Kenney

Anonymous said...

Lorne is right. And everybody knows that except you. You just made yourself look like an idiot.

Dana said...

Another genius anonymous post. We are so blessed.

But I wonder if it isn't actually Tom Mulcair or leftdog.

The Mound of Sound said...

Ooh, Anon, the animus burns fiercely in this one. And not to disappoint, I find many ways to make myself look like an idiot just about every day.

the salamander said...

.. the story of the day.. perhaps of the year
is the revelation that FOI (freedom of information) torpedos are shrieking toward the dim, shrill, pedantic and overwhelmed Plague Ship Harper

.. where art thou Jenni Byrne or Ray Novak or Stephen Lecce? Why the total and complete silence of Arthur Hamilton. where is the braying of Polievre, the bombast of Baird, the glib shrug & denials of Clement, or worse.. the hasty retreats and whimpering bleats of the fading Flaherty or the oily green bitumen tartling Oliver..

Uh oh .. you used/abused The National Energy Board ??
You faked the entire review process ?
You used 'talk show' Christy Clark to assist you ?
Oh ! you plugged in every Alberta sellout?

Let us know the extent of the sellout Stevie ...
Always good to know what we're up against ..

Its the 'Glowing Heart Canadians'
the rabid Reform asshat sellout partisan animal f'ups

You think you'll have a legacy when this is done ??
You are one twisted dreamer ..

Welcome to Canada Eh !!!!

Anonymous said...

Mound: There are two obvious possibilities: (a) Kenney only did the bidding of Dear Leader who was too cowardly to publicly denounce Robbie for fear of retribution from Ford Nation (i.e. essentially your POV), or (b) Kenney is going rogue on this one because he is staking out his leadership bid.

I am one of those in the second camp. I think Kenney is making a bid for the social conservative wing of the party. This is likely why he is now shedding all pretense that he is after Dear Leader's job. It would also explain why he so clearly cut off Robbie's head after the latter had foolishly stated that he too wanted to be PM.

It will be easy to see in the coming days which of the two possibilities is correct by watching whether Dear Leader sidelines Kenney. If he does not do so, then you are correct and this is probably succession planning with Kenney being his preferred successor. If, however, he starts to sideline Kenney, then it will be interesting to see the fight between them for the hearts and souls of the abortion hating Reformacons.

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Anon 7:26. You, like Lorne, may be quite right. This might be Kenney breaking free, making his mark.

That would be akin to how Kenney, somewhat, and MacKay, unequivocally, supported Nigel Wright during the Conservative convention.

Let's play with this notion for a minute. What would it mean if Kenney and MacKay were actually playing "breakout", parting company from the Controller in Chief?

For me, that would admit of two possibilities. Either Harper has told them he plans to step down before the next election or they have information along the lines of what I've been hearing from Ottawa - that Harper is gored by the mountain of documents Duffy and Wright handed to the RCMP in the Wright-Duffy-Harper 'cash under the table' scandal.

Either prospect is, frankly, tantalizing. I have always thought that the greatest threat to Harper was from within his own ranks. The Alpha wolf is never gently retired from the pack.