Saturday, November 23, 2013

"For Whatever Reason" - Nigel Wright Surfaces to Bite Duffy

The Wright-Duffy-Harper narrative took an abrupt change of course in the major newspapers last evening.

In the National Post and The Globe & Mail, the story shifted to that of a well-intentioned chief of staff who was conned by the wily Cavendish Cottager.   Andrew Coyne went on to recite a curious tale depicting Wright as the victim of a Duffy "bait & switch" ploy.

The bribe, it claims, was demanded by Duffy.   So too were the inducements, the side deals about quashing the audit, validating Duffy's residency status, and so on.

Coyne then goes on to write, "For whatever reason, the government's resistance began to crumble."  During this period of capitulation the Tories believed they were going to have to come up with $32K.  Only after they were hooked did Duffy reveal the real price tag was $90K, the "bait & switch" ploy.

Wright felt responsible for having been tricked and therefore chose to cough up the $90K.

Bad Duffy, Bad Duffy.

The Globe account largely mirrors Coyne's story.  It's the Duffy got the better of Wright mantra.  Ol' Duff pulled a fast one on Nigel Wright.

Duffy and Wright's versions have one thing in common - there was a shakedown.  Duffy has claimed to have had his arm twisted to take the PMO/Wright deal.  Wright contends, and it may be borne out by documents and correspondence, that Duffy cajoled him into the deal.

"For whatever reason."  Exactly.  What's missing from this narrative is the reason for the under-the-table-cash deal in the first place, the $32K ($44K) deal.   The RCMP report mentions that Duffy has told them he has documents containing explosive revelations but nothing along those lines has so far been handed over.

This seems as good a time as any for senator Duffy to unburden himself of what he knows.


rumleyfips said...

Now that charges are being bandied about Nigel barks like an attack poodle. The fact that he has decided to save himself must be good for the depends franchisee nearest to 24 Sussex.

The problem for Nigel is that Duffy may do more damage rolling over on him than Nige can rolling on Duffy. Steve may be crushed between the twin rollers.

Snark aside, I didn't think Coyne's scenario and timeline fits the facts proven by the partial email chain. As I read it the $32k figure came from Concervative senators and the $90k from the auditors. Duffy provided as little information as possible to the PMO, the oversite committee and the auditors.

Anonymous said...

"For whatever reason" -- Maybe he has a copy of the dirty tricks handbook he'd like to show the public.