Tuesday, November 19, 2013

And the "BullShitter of the Year" Award Goes To - Kory Teneycke and Sun TV!!!

The Rob & Doug Ford show on Sun TV has been aborted almost as quickly as it was conceived.

Interesting Factoid - the debut episode beat the network's all-time record of - wait for it - 100,000 viewers.  That says as much about Sun TV as it does the Ford talent duo.

Even More Interesting Factoid - Sun TV explained its decision to abort the Rob'n Doug White Trash Comedy Hour, it's all-time most successful show, claiming that the time and production the show required didn't make it viable.   Say WHAT?

The reason there are so many cooking shows these days is because they're so damned cheap to make.   And they require a kitchen, and food, and guests and lots of cameras.  Airing a show with Bloato & Bro would be a small fraction of even a cooking show.

Kory, Kory, Kory - next time you want to pull a stunt like this, please come up with a better cover story.


Grant G said...

They pulled the show on orders from Stephen Harper and the Cons..

Rob Ford became too toxic.

Who are Sun News biggest advertiser..?

CAPP..Conservative party of Canada and the Federal Government itself.

Kory also bullshitted by saying it took 8 hours to edit..

Does that really matter?..Sun News has editors, does it not, I mean really, what did they have to edit, all Rob Ford said was..

"I`m sorry and I`m not perfect"

Lastly, what media management would kill something that created their highest ever ratings..

Oh, one more thing, those who remain in Rob Ford`s camp are..

Are like young people at a frat party chanting..

"chug chug chug..chug chug chug"..

Egging on their idiot friends.


Kirbycairo said...

INteresting to wonder - if it did take 5 hours to tape and 8 hours to edit, what did those idiots say that they couldn't show??

bcwaterboy said...

Won't it be sweet to see this pathetic pair answer the question of what happened over at `fox North? Will Doug call them scumbags or maybe allege that FN has swung too far to the left? What I'm wondering is why the media isn't displaying all those lovely picks of the great lying leader and his Toronto creation instead of allowing him to distance himself. Would love to see him hammered with the question with all this tough on crime stuff, why ford hasn't been charged.

Anonymous said...

I will suggest that the following will be said in comments across the nation:

So what, lots of shows get cancelled after their pilot. You downtown elites are just jealous that Rob Ford can down a bottle of vodka and still operate heavy machinery! Also: Shiny Thing!

In all seriousness, though, if Kory Tenyecke has dropped the Ford brothers, then they quite literally have absolutely no friends in the media.


leftdog said...

Great post. I think the tweets from Canadian Tire pretty much sum up why SUN panicked and cut the show then and there.

The Mound of Sound said...

It's mind-boggling. A few hours of studio time and a few more in some editing suite to package a show that tops everything they have ever aired and it goes? No, not hardly.

Grant could be right. The feds might have ordered this shut down,fearing collateral damage to their brand.

Kirby, watch for those outtakes to surface in some Sun TV Christmas party reel. I'd pay a buck and a quarter to see them.

BCW - Harper's direct liability is very limited. Muncipal governments are creatures of provincial jurisdiction as is all non-federal law enforcement. That's an easy out for Ottawa.

The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks for the link, Dog. I think that's probably it. With its meagre audiences, Sun TV is obviously on advert revenue life support.

Wouldn't it have been great to be a fly on the wall when the S%#T hit the fan at Sun TV over this?

Purple library guy said...

Yeah. When your audience is that tiny, there's no way you can survive as a TV station unless you're getting ad revenue beyond what your audience justifies . . . or your parent company is subsidizing you heavily for political reasons, whether personally held or to arrange a friendly regulatory climate from governments with those politics.

Mind you, it's less of a sacrifice than it seems. Sure, Ford got big audience for the very first show. It's a novelty and his scandal is huge this news cycle. But he wouldn't have kept it. Everyone would move on, and then they'd be stuck with the worst of both worlds: Still no market share, but now with advertisers gone who didn't find whatever they'd gain from advertising on a marginal station was worth what they'd lose from being associated with Ford. And that's not even getting into any questions of what the Cons want them to do and government/Con ad revenue.

Mind you, I wouldn't be surprised if say Levant pressured for Ford to be dumped. As fatheads go, Ford is probably more entertaining than Levant; wanna bet Levant was afraid of being upstaged?

Dana said...

The CBSC and CRTC both enter into consideration here too.

If SN is still trying to hang on to see if the CRTC changes its mind about mandatory carriage they can't afford more and worse run ins with the CBSC and with Rob Ford on air it would almost certainly happen. That's why the 8 hour edit too.