Sunday, November 17, 2013

Like the Camel's Nose, Conrad Tries to Sneak Back Into the Tent

Conrad Black, Baron Black of PiddlePuddle to you, will long be remembered for smearing ordinary Canadians and our country when he ditched his Canadian citizenship to become a Brit so he could then become a member of that nation's House of Lords.   Oh, weren't we a pack of grubby hillbillies back then? 

Then Connie got banged up in a U.S. prison for various crimes and, seemingly ever since, he's been trying to reunite with his former clan - us.

Now Connie is weighing in on what ails Canada's health care system or, as he references it, "our" health care system.
After noting that Canada's health care system isn't the best in the world (and it's not) he goes on to argue that, "we have much better reasons to maintain our nationality."

I don't know but maybe I just didn't get the press release.   Did we actually restore this old bugger's citizenship or, like the camel's nose, is he simply trying to sneak back into the tent?


Lorne said...

I have a sneaking suspicion, Mound, that the question of the good Lord's residency qualifications will be asked less and less by the MSM as time goes by.

Elliott Taylor said...

Yes Conrad Black has behaved abominably, and yes he dumped us. Nevertheless I am in favor of restoring his citizenship. He's a native son, and arrogant asshat or not, I feel we should never turn our back on one of our own. Besides that, Canadians will never have a better opportunity to prove to Black that we're better than him after all.

Do unto others, that sort of thing.

double nickel said...

Gee Elliott, to you feel the same about Omar Khadr?

The Mound of Sound said...

That's Baron Black to you, Lorne.

Elliott, I have your point but would you require that he first relinquish his British title?