Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"The Minutiae of these Matters."

Steve Harper is clinging desperately to the averment by RCMP constable Greg Horton that, “I have seen no evidence to suggest that the prime minister was personally involved in the minutiae of those matters.

Look at it this way.  Mafia Dons are rarely involved in the "minutiae" of the hits they order.   They order somebody whacked, that person is whacked, end of story.  We still convict them of murder nonetheless.   It's what is called "agency."

Yet some Conservative-friendly news outlets are seizing on this "minutiae" business as absolving Harper of both knowledge and culpability.  Somehow he's been personally exonerated.  He's the new Teflon Don.   Sheer and utter bollocks although it should be taken as a warning that the fix may be in.

The opposition should get off their fat, useless arses and scotch this nonsense right now.  If they can't, they should come and hire me.  I'll damned well do it for them.


the salamander said...

.. my sister (a very wise salamander) always said ..
'only fight the battles you can win ..'

Mound.. you cannot influence or change what one of Stephen Harper's acolytes, handmaidens or fervent believers 'thinks'

Remember how the 'In/Out' election fraud decision, a 'plea deal' played out with the late Senator Finley, Senator Gerstein & two other senior 'conservatives' re the 67 ridings involved ??

The 'Conservative' nation.. brood.. or brotherhood .. or sisterhood or coven of the ignorant, proclaimed the plea deal a wondrous & exonerating VICTORY .. (ie nobody went to jail.. perhaps ??)

I've made the analogy previously .. 'Rats in the Granary' .. and that's Canada right now

Welcome to the Harper 'Affair'

Dishonor = Stephen Harper - RESIGN ...

Anonymous said...

This post makes no sense. The MSM is pounding the Cons like a carpet. So is the opposition.And you are going to save us? A fat old guy who sits on his useless arse and blogs from dawn to dusk. Pull up your pyjama bottoms, your enormous ego is showing.

Anonymous said...

Salamander go to Montreal Simon's blog and see how the Mound insulted you and Simon.

the salamander said...

.. hi Anon .. the salamander went to Simon's blog to see what we could see.. & revisited MoS too !

MoS & Simon are truly exceptional, in their own tireless & unique ways..

In the same way as Laila, 6th Estate, saskboy, UnF'withable, Politics n DisContent, the Beaver Dammit Janit.. whirlpool, queer politics, Lautens .. DRED, Pogge, 404 system error, Dawg, Buckdog, Cathie Kady Thwapp Tsakumis .. Northern Insight, Creekside, Kirby, Gazeteer, sooey, Grant G, Northern Reflections, Damien Gillis .. oops .. so many.. just so many to even try to list !!

Uh .. The MSN are WAY WAY .. behind MoS ..
way behind others like Raif & Norm @ and Franke James (big shouts & props to Emily Dee !)

Sorry your point was ?? Anon

Keep your heart glowing .. Anon
last time I took a breath
this was & is Canada Eh !!!

My worries about MoS or Simon ?? Nada, Zero ...
They be glowing hearts .. Canadian exemplars ..
their opinions, ideas, perspectives ? values ? Priceless ..

Be glad to compare or review your body of work ..
per MoS or Simon ........ ...........

The Mound of Sound said...

You're wrong, Anon, they're not "pounding the Cons like a carpet." Other than reporting that their FOI demands on the PMO came up empty, the media have done very little to dig into this scandal. What have they come up with on Tkachuk, Woodcock, Perrin, LeBreton or, for that matter, Harper? This whole thing isn't about a cash deal. It's about the corruption of the Senate and not by Nigel Wright & Co. but by Stephen Harper.