Sunday, November 17, 2013

Britain's Mini-Rob Ford Scandal

He's not a mayor but he's the chairman of an ailing British bank plus he's a Methodist minister.  And, while there's no suggestion yet of any driving whilst pissed or consorting with ladies of the night, there are drugs galore - from the Rob Ford Diet of weed and crack plus club drug, GHB, and Ketamine or 'Ket.'

Rob, meet the reverend Paul Flowers, former chairman of The Co-Operative Bank.

The Co-operative Bank's former chairman Paul Flowers has apologised for his "stupid and wrong" behaviour and said he is seeking professional help after a video was published showing the Methodist minister handing over money to buy hard drugs.

The footage showed Flowers counting out £300 in cash and asking if he could also get hold of ketamine. The Mail on Sunday said a friend of Flowers handed over the footage, purportedly recorded days after the former Co-operative Bank chairman gave testimony to the Treasury select committee over the bank's £700m in losses and its abandoned bid to buy branches of the bailed-out Lloyds Bank.

Notice how reverend Flowers is now the "former" bank chairman?  Hey Toronto - hint, hint.

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