Saturday, November 16, 2013

It's Hard to Kick What You've Spent So Long Kissing

That would be, for Conservatives, Rob Ford's ass.

The Bloated Buffoon was just dandy as far as the Harper Cons were concerned until he broke the cardinal rule of modern neo-conservatism.  Rob Ford failed to uphold secrecy and denialism, he lost control of the narrative.   This cannot be forgiven.

Harper immigrationmin, Chris Alexander, was delegated to perform the rites of excommunication.

"We are never going to be fans of anyone who sets a poor example by their personal behaviour in any elected position. We've made that clear with regard to Justin Trudeau's comments over the summer [about smoking pot]," Alexander said.
"I'll make them [our views] clear about Rob Ford right now. We're not fans of anyone who is promoting, by their behaviour, the use of illegal drugs, drugs that are harmful and drugs that are illegal," he said.
"And harder drugs, it goes without saying, have been part of our agenda to take organized crime, to take the undermining, the terrible effect, that drug networks and drug use can have in our societies, out of the equation."


Lorne said...

Political expedience to the extent practised by the morally depraved Harper cabal is indeed an addiction hard to break, Mound. In Ontario, it is one of the many monkeys on the back of Conservative leader Tim Hudak as he continues to seduce and be seduced by 'Ford Nation.'

gingersnap said...

Ford is Harper's problem. he and Flaherty campaigned very hard, to have Ford win the election. Harper should appoint Ford to the PMO. He would fit right in with the other degenerates.

Harper also campaigned very hard for, Saulie Zadjel. Then there is, Gordon Campbell, Porter and Carson. Herr Harper's list of degenerate henchmen is, as long as his arm. All Dictators are, control freaks.