Monday, November 18, 2013

Big Coal Australia and Big Oil Canada Tell Poor and Vulnerable Commonwealth Countries to "Get Stuffed"

Sure they're poor and weak.  Sure they're the most vulnerable to climate change impacts.  Sure we're rich and both major emitters of the greenhouse gases that are triggering those impacts, inflicting what they suffer.  So what?

As an extraordinary Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting concluded in Colombo, Mr Abbott joined with Canada in rejecting a decision by the summit to push for a Green Capital Fund to help vulnerable island states and poor African countries address the effects of rising sea levels, prolonged droughts, or catastrophic weather incidents, caused by climate change.
The proposal is for Commonwealth countries to work within the UN climate change network to build the fund for small and poor countries to access.
But the final agreement from the 53 members of the Anglosphere Commonwealth noted that “Australia and Canada… indicated they could not support a Green Capital Fund at this time”.
One of the key themes of the summit was the plight of low-lying, and poor states who are especially vulnerable to climate change, but don't have the money for adaptation.

White Man's Burden?   Not this time, go f__k yourselves.

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