Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Morty, Morty, Calling James Morton. Come In, James.

James, I need your thoughts.   You're a law professor and you also practice criminal law.  Close enough.

So let's say you're hired by a guy to be his lawyer and also to provide legal services to his shop.

One of the top guys in the shop gets an idea to do something that, eh, might not be legal - something that, if it goes wrong, might have legal consequences for the shop, might even have legal consequences for the boss.

This top guy in the shop not only tells you all about it but wants your help.  He wants you to negotiate the deal with another lawyer outside the shop.   You're told (supposedly) that it's all to be done on the down low.   The boss, your client, is never to find out.

So, at this point what do you do?  Do you tell the boss what they're hatching down the hall behind his back?  Do you just keep working for the boss as his legal advisor and never mention a word about this to him?   Do you just carry on, keeping the boss in the dark?

So, James, what do you do?  Maybe while you're mulling this over you might offer an opinion of what happens to a lawyer who goes around his client's back like this?

Can't wait for your thoughts.



1 comment:

the salamander said...

.. the solicitor must' go up the ladder'
If impropriety is perceived.. report to higher authority

Perrin may be in deeo doo doo over this ..
But did he not say .. he knew nothing ?????