Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Everyone Is Finally Beginning to See Stephen Harper For What He Is.

Ottawa Citizen editorial, The Steady Drip of Troubling Facts:

This is not a good day for the prime minister and our democracy. Here we have high government officials conspiring to fix a Senate inquiry, and a chief of staff accused of fraud and bribery from his efforts to protect a prime minister who, it seems, might have known more than he has admitted. The steady drip of facts is indeed a torture — a torture the prime minister has the power to end, by telling Canadians the whole story. But that is not the prime minister’s style. We may have to wait for the courts to tell us what really happened — or a judicial inquiry. Whether anyone was guilty of a crime or not, the prime minister bears moral responsibility for leading an office that has tried to undermine the independence of the Senate and inappropriately influence the behaviour of parliamentarians.



the salamander said...

.. without FOI .. Freedom of Information .. we'd be very much in the dark .. just where Stephen Harper prefers essentially everyone to be.

Yesterday's shocker via FOI was that The National Energy Board was in collusion with Stephen Harper, his PMO, the RCMP, CSIS to spy on & collect 'intelligence' regarding those against the Northern Gateway pipeline.. this before the 'review' even commenced !!

So.. one assumes Nigel Wright, Ray Novak, Jenni Byrne, Arthur Hamilton, Stephen Lecce, Joe Oliver, Peter Kent, Christy Clark, Premiere Redford, Joe Flaherty, Vic Toews, Tony Clement and dozens of oily, sleezy public servants can get up on their hind legs and deny delay hide waffle.. or obstruct truth and justice..

The PM/PMO/Senate scandal .. much the same. Add or subtract a few greasy political animals, that refuse to stand up as Canadians.. because after all.. they're 'conservatives' .. blue on blue .. but the key players are almost invariably the same.. and the game they play is us.. Yes.. they are gaming us.

Hopefully as many Canadians as possible, watch, read & learn, as these worms try to get out of sight.. or lawyer up.. or lie their faces off. Maybe the true Black Swan Event will happen.. someone will crack.. and we'll learn all about the election fraud of 2011 as well .. and gazebos & Lavelin.. and the creep that's our current Prime Minister

Purple library guy said...

Gosh, thanks Ottawa Citizen. They knew what the bastard was like when they endorsed him. Now they're shocked--Shocked! to find there is gambling going on in this establishment.
And in two years, will they endorse him again?

bcwaterboy said...

Endorse him they will PLG. Expect some great news about jobs-and-the-economy any day now, like 10% off your cell phone bill or some such thing or a few more lost billion$$.

The Mound of Sound said...

Sal, I thought we knew about the Northern Gateway Secret Police force on the hunt for dissidents some time ago. What came out yesterday?

I don't know,PLG, do you think they would endorse him again? Then again we won't know unless he survives long enough to lead the Tories into the 2015 election.

the salamander said...

FYI .. (and Common Sense Canadian has this too ..)

or search NEB, spying, Canada

Christy Clark needs to be brought into the travesty .. up to her neck.. along with Harper - in over his head

Fine fine fine analysis BTW .. props to you !!
Yes you've been bang on.. ahead of the pack
Just sparkling & prescient ... clearly Canadian