Friday, November 15, 2013

The Humiliation of Toronto is Complete

That's "complete" but not finished, not over.  In virtually every major city around the globe, Toronto is now completely humiliated by the buffoonery of its Chief Magistrate.  Anyone who watched The Daily Show last night saw Jon Stewart almost fall out of his chair.

In The Guardian today, there's a fun quiz, Rob Ford - spot the real quotes from Toronto's MayorIf you're not already at your limit for disgust, take the quiz.  It's kind of fun.

Speaking of fun, Saturday Night Live's chief writer, Seth Meyers, gets his wish.   SNL has been on re-runs for weeks but returns live this weekend.   Meyers was hoping the Ford fiasco would not burn out before he and the cast got to perform their Rob Ford parody.

The events of the past week in particular have shown that Rob Ford is defective.  He just doesn't get it.  He thinks that, as mayor of Canada's largest city, a simple apology should suffice when you have humiliated the entire city and its people around the world.  The stain is the city's to bear, not his.   It's as though the city is his family and owes him some duty of forgiveness.  Rob Ford is a man bereft of honour and conscience.  A decent man would be overwhelmed with shame and he is not.  He thinks a head bowed and a quick "I'm sorry"  earns him absolution.   Who thinks that way other than a sociopath - or a junkie?


gingersnap said...

Ford is Harper and Flaherty's problem. They campaigned very hard for Ford. Harper can appoint Ford to the PMO. Ford will fit right in with, the rest of Harper's degenerates. Harper and Ford have very similar personalities. Lies, deceit, corruption, thefts and dirty tactics.

Elliott Taylor said...

I wonder if Olivia Chow could be persuaded to run for mayor of Toronto next year?

Rob Ford has only admitted to his drug use and other unspeakable behavior when confronted with direct.evidence. Should the extensive police investigation lead to charges under the Criminal Code, surely that will be enough to get him to step aside. Then again his recent behavior suggests not.

The bar has moved further than I ever thought it could. Fifty years ago Canada was scandalized by the Munsinger affair. Twenty odd years after that John Fraser resigned over tainted tuna. How far we have fallen since then!

astone said...

I'm sure Italians are grateful that Ford has taken the heat off of Berlusconi.