Saturday, November 23, 2013

Is the Tory Caucus Getting Restless, Fearful? - Ivison

NatPo scribe John Ivison detects widespread unrest in the ranks of Harper's Conservative caucus.

He claims Tory MPs will be looking to the results of Monday's by-elections as the bones and entrails of their boss's future.   If the Liberals succeed in Brandon that will be taken as a sign that Harper has become an electoral liability.

They're sticking with Harper on his claims that he knew nothing of the Duffy-Wright business but if evidence comes out indicating the prime minister has misled his caucus, a number of MPs would be demanding his resignation.

Overall, writes Ivison, there's a malaise spreading through caucus stemming from a perception that Harper has forgotten he came to power on a promise of accountability and transparency.

Also the people Ivison has been speaking with say "the place would go crazy" if Nigel Wright is charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust.


Anonymous said...

I watched some impromptu interviews of delegates entering and leaving the latest Reform-Conservative convention in Calgary. Many of them expressed their unhappiness with the fact that Harper threw Wright under the bus. "It's just not right" one delegate remarked.

It appears that a large chunk of the Reform-Conservative base is not happy with Harper's actions.

This situation does not bode well for Steve. So let's all hail the new Reform-Conservative leader: Jason 'baby face' Kenney.

131220 said...

Harper may have shot himself in the other foot by dropping in after opening a highway in Winnipeg. Brandon-Souris residents often say they have no great love for Winnipeg, that it's the urban interests that run the province, and the country. He just played right into that.