Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Filling the Moats and Raising the Drawbridges, The Developed World Establishes Walls Against the Rest

Welcome to the Walled World of the 21st century.   In every corner of the globe, advanced nations are building walls and manning the ramparts to keep the hordes at bay.

Le Monde reports on Europe's war on migration.

It is a strange thing, this paranoid fear of invasion, this determination to protect themselves at all costs from these human beings who every year exile themselves from their homelands to head for an imagined promised land in the rich countries. But the rich have decided that these tides of humanity are unwanted.

They fortify their frontiers, erect barriers, build the walls higher and higher. A veritable military strategy put into effect to keep out the “invaders.”

In an act of mimicry, other important countries like Brazil, China and Russia are joining in, putting in place their own “fortifications” to limit economic migration from poorer areas to their own regions of rapid growth.

Such physical obstacles are efficient tools for criminalizing immigration, for making it possible to pronounce concepts that should be unthinkable: “Illegal immigrant.” They make people think they are breaking the law. With the help of these new obstacles, juridical and physical, we have created a new category of criminal: the migrant.

Thus do we confound both international law and universal values.

This is not leftist hyperbole.   The Pentagon, Britain's Ministry of Defence, and their counterparts in other well-off lands have been working up strategies for preventing mass migration, mainly out of the south.  As even the most affluent nations get hit by the impacts of climate change, they will become increasingly intolerant of adding to their burdens by welcoming migrants from poorer, harder hit regions.

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