Saturday, November 09, 2013

Hunting Harper

The RCMP appears eager, perhaps too eager, to see senator Pam Wallin charged with fraud and breach of trust.  Curiously, we haven't heard a peep about prosecuting senator Mike Duffy.  Fact is, that day may never come.

As we know, the prime minister's office saw swept clean of any trace of the Wright-Duffy-Harper under-the-table cash scandal.  There's no correspondence,  no e-mails, not so much as a phone message slip or a post-it note.

Duffy's lawyer, responding to an RCMP request for documents, has apparently handed over 200-pages of e-mails, correspondence and other records.  By some accounts that's about a quarter of the materials to hand.

Now, if you were representing the Cavendish Cottager and determined to keep him from facing criminal charges and if you possessed, as Duffy's lawyer Don Bayne claims, materials that directly implicate the prime minister, would you ensure those documents reached the hands of investigating officers and, eventually, Crown prosecutors?  I sure would.

Imagine if the Crown eventually did decide to prosecute Duffy.   That procedure involves the prosecution making 'discovery' of all evidence relevant to the case to the accused's counsel.   On that list would have to be the incriminating documents you yourself had handed over.   Then the investigators and prosecutors would be on the spot, having to account for what they did with that information.

It's going to be pretty hard to take Nigel Wright and Mike Duffy down and not Stephen Harper if he was also a party to it.   You just can't erase the prime minister from the record.

Bad enough that Wright-Duffy-Harper is being investigated by the RCMP's "sensitive investigation" section, a title that fairly reeks of privilege and favour.  Of course only the RCMP and Don Bayne (and probably a few others) know just what documents have been turned over and what is in them but it's conceivable that Stephen Harper might just have been added to the suspects list.

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the salamander said...

.. the takedown .. Its not hard to imagine how bloody the struggle will be, to wrestle Stephen Harper out of the bizarre royal fiefdom he's created for himself.

Canadians really have no idea how he's permeated our justice system, the RCMP, Elections Canada, Defense, Privy Council, or controls The Speaker & Governor General. He's bulwarked and barricaded and immunized, non-culpable.. not be mention obstructing, litigating, denying, refusing, unresponsive.. via the inner corps .. his personal PMO

And the list just goes on and on and repeats on down via Clement, Kenney, Mackay, Polievre, Moore Fantino, Leitch, Oliver and other departed stooges such as Kent & Ashfield ..

Its likely the only thing that will get Harper out of business.. is the threat of destroying his so called reputation and permanently trashing any dreams of a 'legacy'

In other words ... the truth is the only thing that may stop him .. and truth is a scarce commodity or value in the Canada he recognizes