Friday, November 01, 2013

Is Stephen Harper On the Ropes? Why Has Duffy Stopped Punching?

Stephen Harper doesn't give the impression that he's in dire straits but then again, when you're surrounded by jackals of your own making, it's a bad idea to let them smell fear.

Still, judging by media accounts, Shifty's homegrown nemesis, Mike Duffy, is winning the credibility war with the Canadian public.

Shifty Steve has not been helping himself.  He can't even keep his lies straight, changing his story as time passes.  Most of us realize that someone who inexplicably keeps changing his story is, well, lying.   We have that pretty much figured out before we leave high school.

To make matters worse, Shifty relies on nothing more than bare denials or awkwardly tries to change the subject.  That doesn't work for many people either.

Duffy, on the other hand, has a competing account that comports with the known facts.  That's always a good thing when somebody is accusing you of bad things. That doesn't make him endearing or even particularly likable but this isn't a popularity contest.  It's a credibility contest between Mike Duffy and Shifty Steve Harper.  Liking is not an issue.

Duffy also has a little something else.   He has documents - memos, e-mails, cheque stubs and that sort of thing.   So far they also seem to corroborate Duffy's narrative, not Shifty's.   Duffy has already tossed out a few documents, the "tip of the iceberg" he claims, and promises more to come.  His lawyer, senior criminal counsel Don Bayne, says there are documents that tie Shifty directly to the under-the-table cash deal between Duffy and Nigel Wright.

This is where Duffy is beginning to become somewhat less likable.  If he has smoking gun documents,  as Duffy and his lawyer (and others) claim, why isn't he producing them?   The public is already accepting Duffy's credibility over Shifty's.
Any prize fighter who has his opponent on the ropes as Duffy plainly does goes in for the kill.  Documents with Shifty's fingerprints all over them would be the haymaker Duffy needs to put the prime minister down for the count.  So what exactly is the Cavendish Cottager waiting for?

It strikes me that, once you have announced you have the goods on the other guy, it all begins to look fishy when you keep that to yourself.   Duffy has claimed he was extorted, by threat of losing his Senate seat if he balked, into accepting what would seem to have been a cash bribe with strings and inducements attached.  Yet by not releasing the smoking gun documents it creates the impression that Duffy might be using them for some sort of shakedown of his own.

Ask yourself what awaits Mike Duffy at the end of this scandal?  He's hopelessly damaged goods.  He'll be Typhoid Mike within Conservative circles.  He's burned his bridges to the only paying job he ever knew.  Hard to imagine anyone opening up a pundit slot for Old Duff.   Money, apparently, is still a big issue.  He's got a hefty mortgage on his modest house and just about zero in the bank (how that happened after so many years at CBC and CTV is unclear).   Mike seems to be staring into the abyss of penury.  For a high flyer like Duffy that's got to be alarming.

Could he be trying the back channels to shop those documents to some newsie outfit for an exclusive?   Is he hoping there might be a book in this?  Is he scouting around for a highest bidder?

It might do well for Duffy to realize that, for many if not most Canadians, he's become "my enemy's enemy" and that carries a few drawbacks also.   If he really wants to distance himself from Harper, it's getting time to put up or shut up.


Anonymous said...

So, I was watching some Duffy footage today and immediately thought he looks like a Sontaran from Dr. Who.


CuJoYYC said...

My prediction a few days ago was for Duffy to produce more damning documents around midday yesterday giving delegates enough time to digest the evidence. Alas, Bill Blair and his revelation about the Rob Ford video tipped that particular applecart. My revised prediction is mid next week or whenever the Ford video bombshell subsides.

Duffy is keeping plenty of his power dry for now.

Anonymous said...

His most specific allegations have been made in the Senate, where he still enjoys some legal immunity. Could that be a component of his strategy?

Dana said...

Harper is speaking tonite at the convention.

About 45 minutes before he opens his yawp would be when I would release a shit load of whoopass on him.

Then watch while the attendees fidget and squirm when Harper doesn't emerge from behind the curtain.

the salamander said...

.. look for the usual pablum .. uninspiring selective spin from the dour sociopath. So why should Duffy and counsel interfere with an adversary engaged in a flailing political buffalo jump.

Duffy et al are just the catalyst to rip the curtain back while Harper and his short pantsy boyz go for broke, thinking we're all idiots or First Nations.. which seems a premise they swallowed from Tom Flanagan because Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney etc said it was so..

Lets accept that Harper is toxic.. radioactive.. as are many or most of his key failed stooges. Wright does not fit the pattern in my estimation. tho its clear he is a money/power corporatist arranger.

The mainstream media smell blood .. that's giving them courage.. oh bravo . . but thats what we need to help Harper get off the cliff and fly ... to wherever creeps like him can flap off to ..

The result? we may end up with a super glib asshat like Moore, replacing him.. or the farce of Jason Kenney.. or Peter Mackay .. sad, true .. Canada gets screwed even more

rumleyfips said...

If I wanted to demoralise Harper, I would let him strut and crow for the weekend. After the party faithful mossied off to their respected homes, happy and fullfilled in their leaders powerful glow I would rGetting hit just when you feel safe is troubling.elease
another document - maybe Tuesday.

deb Scott said... soo hoping tuesday. lol by then Rob Ford and his crack pipe might be played out. Lets hope Harper and Ford hold hands and jump together.