Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Crimes of Rob Ford

What would it take to compel Rob Ford to resign?   Just what is his bottom line? Does he even have a bottom line?

Take every one of his recent admissions.  Then tack on "sorry, but so what?"

"Yeah, I have smoked crack cocaine.  Sorry, but so what?"

"Yeah, I have repeatedly gotten hammered in public, drunk myself into a stupor.  Sorry about that, but so what?"

"Yeah, I have bought illegal drugs within the past two years.  Sorry, but so what?"

"Sure, I have repeatedly embarrassed the city, made Toronto a laughing stock around the world.  Okay, sure, but so what?"

"Pot?  That's for pussies.  Sorry, but so what?"

Actually Rob Ford might be saying that, while he did all these things, he was never arrested for them.  No arrest, no conviction, no reason to resign.  Don't like that, blame the cops.

In other words, you can rob a bank, you can rob a hundred banks, but if you're never arrested, charged and convicted then you're not a criminal.  If you possess and smoke crack cocaine but you're never charged, then you're not a criminal and there's no reason for you to resign.  If you drive drunk but get away with it, you're not a criminal.

Rob Ford is not a criminal and he's not an addict and he's not a drunk and he doesn't need rehab or you sticking your nose in the mayor's business.  If you don't agree, sorry, but so what?

CBC News is reporting that recently released police documents reveal more alcohol abuse evidence plus a Ford staffer stating he saw the mayor consume Oxycontin, also known as Hillbilly Heroin.

Here's something to ponder.  Now that Bloomberg is gone as New York mayor, who do you think is the most well-known mayor in the world?  I'd put my money on Ford.


Lorne said...

And that, to be succinct, Mound, is the depth to which politics in Ontario has sunk. No shame, just continuing support from that primitive tribe known as Ford Nation.

The Mound of Sound said...

Hi Lorne. I recently had a chat with my brother who practices criminal law in a city not far from Toronto.

Compared to British Columbia, Ontario courts have a reputation as being tough on drug crimes even simple possession of pot.

This led me to ask Mark how long it would be before counsel started raising the Ford defence in sentencing on minor drug charges? How can some judge throw the book at some pimply teenager caught with a joint when the Chief Magistrate of Canada's biggest city brazenly confesses to smoking crack and buying illegal drugs with impunity?

Putting the boots to the kids while Ford wears the chains of office sounds like a pretty blatant double standard.

Anonymous said...

Canada has become the worst cesspool of corruption, in the recorded history of this Nation. BC is the most corrupt province in Canada. The BC Liberals also work for Harper

Ford, Harper and Flaherty are all very good friends. Ford has just taken a page from Harper's book. Ford won't resign unless, they bodily throw him out. Same thing with Harper. There is no-one lower than Harper.