Tuesday, November 12, 2013

This Is One for the Books

In Texas, a Republican candidate squeezed out a narrow victory in a district dominated by black Democrats - by pretending he was black.

Dave Wilson, a conservative Republican running for a spot on the Houston Community College board, beat out the Democratic incumbent by a scant 26-votes.   Wilson campaigned via a brochure that featured photos of black people he downloaded from the internet.   He even claimed he was endorsed by Ron Wilson only he was referring to his very white cousin in Iowa rather than the popular, local black politician named Ron Wilson.

Confronted over deceiving black voters, Wilson said, ''Every time a politician talks, he's out there deceiving voters."


Owen Gray said...

Dr. Goebbels would understand, Mound.

Anonymous said...


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The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, Owen, I think Herr Doktor and this clown, Wilson, would see eye to eye on at least some things.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he'd be a perfect candidate for Harper's PMO short-pantser brigade.