Sunday, March 08, 2015

People Power in the Birthplace of Democracy

Syrzia, the radical leftist government of Greece has rocked the Eurozone on its heels by rejecting the German-driven austerity programme that brought the Greek people to their knees.  The Euros have rallied and are pushing back, in no small part out of fear that the public in other EU countries, including Spain, Italy and Ireland, could follow suit and tell their foreign masters to shove off.  After that what would stop an upstart movement arising out of nowhere in Britain, like Syrzia in Greece or Podemos in Spain, to break the shackles of austerity?

Syrzia is playing hardball with its EU and IMF bankers and, to show them how futile their push back is, the Greek government is threatening to either call another election or put the issue to a referendum.  Why?  Because barely a month in power, Syrzia has rocketed in Greek polls by 12%.  One month.  Twelve per cent.  Those are people who aren't looking for their government to make many concessions to Brussels.  They're standing with their government and Syrzia is standing with them.

The Spanish people go to the polls this year and, at the moment, Podemos has a healthy lead in the polls.  A lot of Spaniards are looking to Syrzia for inspiration and hope.  The ECB and IMF really need to break Syrzia before Spain also falls to a defiant leftist government which could trigger a domino effect.

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