Saturday, March 28, 2015

What Is It With Barrick Gold?

When Bryan Mulroney left politics he took a spot on the board of Barrick Gold.  So, too, did George H.W. Bush after he failed to win a second term as president.  Now it's John Baird who has a date with Barrick destiny, apparently as an "adviser."  Baird will be joined by Newt Gingrich, also appointed to Barrick's international advisory board.

It's not exactly a demanding job.  Barrick says the international advisory board meets "about once a year."

The job probably won't put Baird on Easy Street but he might try picking up a few of Pam Wallin's former directorships to help make ends meet.


Owen Gray said...

And he'll share the table with, Newt, Mound. Birds of a feather.

Scotian said...

I also find it hard to believe this is the so significant sudden job opportunity theorized to explain Baird's sudden unexpected resignation well after last fall's request by Harper to either tell him they are in or out for the next election, especially within his cabinet. I've been waiting to hear what was so suddenly offered to him to make his do such a thing if this was the real reason, and sorry, I fail to see how in any sane person's mind this can come close to meeting that criteria.

I've always thought something about the Baird resignation smelled, even if I could not point to what/why at the time or since. I also have been increasingly skeptical on the fantastic job offer theory as it kept day after day not being announced publicly. This announcement seems more to me a make-work job to try and divert that question than the motivational basis for Baird's resignation. So one still wonders, why DID Baird do the imitation of the first fleeing rodent on the descending under the water ship?